Completed Stories

Holiday (working title)
Amanda Barrett hasn’t spent a Christmas at home since she was five years old. Now twenty, her parents are abandoning her to her own holiday devices. She think she’s in for a lonely Christmas until she meets Noah Stevenson, a single father of a young girl. He invites her to spend Christmas with them, creating Christmas magic for his daughter Madeline, and taking a little for herself.

Currently Working On

The Return (working title)
Three years ago, Shelby ran away from her hometown with a secret. Now her parents have died and she has to return to deal with everything they left behind. And her own ghosts.
Second draft

The Reluctant Bridesmaid
Leigh Anne Morgan is the youngest of three sisters that has always lived in her sisters’ shadows. Now almost eighteen, she wants to know what secrets they’re hiding to help her navigate the adult world.
In editing

Lewis Watson is an average sixteen-year-old with girl problems. He’s just getting over a disaster relationship when he notices Melissa for the first time. They’ve known each other all their lives, but something has changed. There’s just one problem. His parents don’t want him hurting their goddaughter. Lewis has to overcome their beliefs of him and believe in himself before it’s too late and he loses her.
Draft 3 or 4

Faithfully (working title)
Katherine Rawlings has always tried to be who her mother wants her to be, down to living the dream her mother chose for her. When Shane, resident bad boy, takes an interest in her and dubs her Kat, she wants to know who Kat is and if it’s not too late to become her.
Second draft

Two sides of the same story. 18-year-old Delilah has it all: good friends, amazing boyfriend, living the way she wants. The only problem is that she’s really 16-year-old Glenna, and doesn’t really have any of those things.
Angel has been living a certain way since she was 14. She’s on top of the world at almost 18 when Delilah comes on the scene and shakes things up. She doesn’t know what Delilah is hiding, but it could make Angel’s secrets come to light as well.
In editing/first draft

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