The Harvest Baker by Ken Haedrich


This book will be released on June 27, 2017. I received a copy through NetGalley.

The author of this book grew up in a family that loved to bake. His first opportunity to cook as a career came when he got a job as the cook in a group home. The gardener there constantly brought him stuff he had grown, and Ken had to figure out how to cook with it.

Every recipe in this book has a base of some fresh fruit or vegetable. The recipes range from breads to quiches and pizzas to, of course, dessert. There’s something for everyone’s taste in here. In the back, there’s a small section dedicated to sauces and glazes as well to top off the recipes.

This is a great book to try if you want to experiment with the strange and delicious looking things you find in the produce section or your local farmer’s market.

Breaking Up with Barrett by Katy Regnery


I downloaded this book during an ebook sale quite a while ago and just now got around to reading it. I was not compensated for this review in any way.

Emily has known Barrett her entire life, despite their 8 or so year age difference they’ve always been somewhat close. Their only problem, he’s an English, the oldest son of a wealthy family, and she’s ‘the help’, the daughter of the gardener and the housekeeper.

When Barrett, who can’t be bothered to take a relationship seriously enough to find someone, needs a woman on his arm to take to business dinners, he offers Emily a semi-regular gig to pose as his fiancee. Emily needs the money for rent, so she accepts. The job is easy enough, Barrett is nice looking and they’ve always gotten along, but Emily feels uneasy about the job as she’s starting to have feelings for him.

After they share a passionate moment or two, she’s ready to back out: she’s not comfortable accepting money when passionate moments are involved. Barrett is close to closing a deal, so he pleads with her for one more weekend, and she agrees with one condition: keep things professional.

Can Barrett and Emily survive a weekend suppressing their feelings?

I don’t read a lot of traditional romance these days but I really liked this book. It was refreshing in that it was predictable enough to tell exactly how it was going to end, but it didn’t feel like I was reading the same old book again. It was also refreshing in that both parties acted maturely and there was none of the contrived ‘one person sees something that looks bad for the other person and doesn’t give them a chance to explain’ or even ‘they’re trying to deny their feelings so they just fight all the time’ either. It was simple and lovely and well-written.

After the Cure by Deidre Gould


I downloaded this book during an ebook sale quite a while ago and just now got around to reading it. I was not compensated for this review in any way.

After a plague has wiped out most of the population, Nella is one of the Immunes left to pick up the pieces after the remaining Infected have mostly been cured. A psychologist, Nella has been asked to assist with a court case against one of the scientists responsible for leaking the bacteria that caused the plague. The scientist’s defense attorney, Frank, is one of the Cured.

The scientist confesses that there is a worse strand of the disease out there somewhere, and it can’t be cured. It’s up to Nella and Frank to find the missing vials and the remaining scientists before it’s too late and someone releases another worse plague on the world. They get close over the course of the investigation, but will the fact that she’s an Immune and he’s Cured come between them? Will they figure out who has the vials in time to prevent another disaster?



Dying for a Living by Kory M. Shrum


I downloaded this book during an ebook sale quite a while ago and just now got around to reading it. I was not compensated for this review in any way.

Jesse Sullivan has a bit of a strange job. She is what is known as a necronite, she can’t die. Necronites are recruited to perform a very specific service: death replacement. Now information is available to tell people what day they are going to die, and rich people can hire death replacements. Their death replacement agent will spend the day with them, and when the death happens, the agent will take their place.

Everything goes wrong when one of the people Jesse is meant to replace turns on her and attempts to cut her head off, the only way to kill a necronite. Luckily it doesn’t work and she just dies normally, but now she has to not only solve her own murder but help figure out who is trying to stop the death replacement program.

I’m not a big fan of paranormal fiction, but I love it when the premise is unique or interesting. The idea of death replacement is super interesting and very realistic if we had that kind of power or technology. This is one of the few books that do a series right, everything is not neatly tied up at the end so you have to read the next book or more to actually see how things turn out.

The Haven’s Kitchen Cooking School by Alison Cayne


This book was released on April 4, 2017. I received a copy through NetGalley.

Not only is this a cookbook, it reads like a cooking textbook, but very approachable. It has nine overall chapters/lessons with a specific food group for each, such as cooking eggs to teach timing or meat to teach temperature and heat. Each section has step by step instructions plus some recipes to try for practice. To teach mise en place, there’s a chapter on different kinds of fritters such as broccoli quinoa fritters or falafel.

I think this book would make a great gift for anyone who really wants to dive into cooking, or simply pick it up for yourself to learn something new. I like how along with basic cooking techniques there are a lot of international recipes to use them in, made simple for beginners. I would be happy to own a paper copy of this for myself.

Finding Pride by Jill Sanders


I downloaded this book during an ebook sale quite a while ago and just now got around to reading it. I was not compensated for this review in any way.

Megan has a tragic backstory. Her mother was killed by her father when she was very young, and he then died himself. She grew up being taken care of by her older brother, and once in college, found herself in love and then married to an abusive man. She’d just managed to escape him and press charges when she finds out her brother is dead.

Megan heads to Pride, Oregon to attend her brother’s funeral and take care of everything he’d left behind there. She is surprised after his nomadic life with her growing up that he had settled in the small town and planned on starting a bed and breakfast there. Not only that, he had had plans for her to join him there.

She is met in Pride by the Jordan siblings, Lacey, Iian and Todd, who were close to her brother. Lacey quickly becomes her best friend and Iian is a big help, but Todd gives her butterflies. The three of them help Megan start the bed and breakfast and her new life. Megan is still trying to decide what she wants out of life, but a few sudden events make up her mind quickly.

This was a sweet story, but very typical romance for my taste. It read a lot like the romance novels I edit, so I was desensitized to the story a bit. If you don’t like explicit (but not completely dirty) sex scenes, you’d probably want to skip this one.

Whiskey Rebellion by Liliana Hart


I downloaded this book during an ebook sale quite a while ago and just now got around to reading it. I was not compensated for this review in any way.

Despite her name, Addison Holmes didn’t go searching for a mystery, it fell into her lap. She needs to save up money to buy a home before she’s evicted because her dumpy apartment is ready to be demoed, so she answers an ad in the paper for a strip club. Turns out stripping isn’t for her, especially when the principal from her day job of history teacher shows up at the club, and turns up in the parking lot dead as she’s leaving.

Her best friend runs a private investigation agency, so she takes her on as an assistant, letting her snoop around and take pictures. Turns out she’s not too bad at it, but she keeps getting herself hurt in her adventures. Plus there’s a detective working the principal’s murder that keeps popping up at every turn, though their sexy interludes are constantly interrupted.

Dead bodies unfortunately keep falling in Addison’s lap so it’s a race against time to figure out who is doing the murdering before Addison is a target… or maybe she’ll just get herself into that situation.

This was a fun read, but I’m a bit over the protagonists that are a hot mess. Addison spends literally the entire book injured from one thing or another, from falling out of trees, getting chased by guys with weed whackers, car accidents, and even an allergic reaction to the cucumbers she places on her eyes to reduce swelling. Yet despite being one big bruise by the end of it and the fact that she’s insanely reckless and impulsive, the investigating detective can’t get enough of her.

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Whiskey Rebellion