Weekly Meal Plan: September 10 – September 16

Baby is still breech, we’ll be scheduling a c-section on Wednesday for sometime in the next couple of weeks. If he flips before then and they see that on ultrasound, we won’t do it, but the chances aren’t very good that he’ll flip. I wanted to go all natural, but I’m coming to terms with having a c-section. There are benefits I suppose, such as knowing exactly when he’ll be born, not worrying about my water breaking randomly, that kind of thing.

Other than that, it’s all about the waiting. Pretty sure all I have left to do is finish up the thank you cards and pack the hospital bags. We had a small maternity shoot yesterday with my photographer best friend. I just wanted a couple of portrait shots with me, my husband and the bump as so far he’s only taken weekly bump shots and hasn’t been in any of them. I hope they turn out nice.

What we’re eating this week:

Skillet Sausage and Rice (pictured) — This is a recipe I make a lot, but I decided to mix it up a bit this week. I used a frozen bag of sliced peppers and onions, added chickpeas, and half a cup more chicken stock for less al dente and more fluffy rice.

Pesto Shrimp Fettuccine — I was in the mood for pasta and shrimp this week, and this sounded delicious to try.

Brown Sugar Spiced Baked Chicken — I’ve had this recipe for a long time and there’s no link, no idea where I got it. It’s a lot like my Simply Great Chicken as it’s baked chicken with brown sugar and spices. I’ll be serving it with quinoa or couscous.

Skillet Lasagna — Last week I got some ravioli for really cheap at the store so I decided to use it this week in one of my favorite dishes.

Chicken and Spinach Dinner — Something simple and healthy to round out my meal plan.

Weekly Meal Plan: August 27 – September 2


My baby shower is this weekend finally! Went out with my mom this weekend to get prizes for the diaper raffle and decorations. I’ll be glad to get it over with so we know what we still need to get for ourselves.

Ultrasound tomorrow to find out the baby’s position. I’m excited to be able to see him again, hopefully we can see a face this time. And hopefully the insurance will cover it, ugh.

He seems pretty content to stay in there for now, which is good since I have a month left. Still a ton to do, but I scheduled a meeting with a pediatrician for next week, and all of my car stuff is taken care of. Soon we need to tackle trying to install the car seat and pack bags.

What we’re eating this week:

Orzo Skillet (pictured) — I had some ground beef that I didn’t use last week, and this is all stuff I keep on hand usually, so this was a no brainer. I had two pounds of beef so I froze the second one for later.

Paprika Chicken and Rice — Trying something a bit new, we’ll see how it goes.

Spinach and Tofu Lasagna — I bought tofu last week but didn’t end up using it because I ran out of rice. I really loved this lasagna last time so I thought it was time to make it again.

Seafood Skillet — Another new recipe, I’ll be using imitation crab instead of a seafood mix.

Crockpot Whole Chicken — Easiest way to cook an entire chicken ever, with zero effort. I’ll be serving it with corn and possibly potatoes.

Weekly Meal Plan: August 13 – 19

New computer, yay! I didn’t lose any of my files after my computer got fried, thank goodness. Now it’s back to work and back to normal.

A little over six weeks to my due date! I am so ready to get him out of here. Not only am I just excited to start the next part of our lives, but I’m just so uncomfortable. Turning over in bed is like doing exercise. I could also do without his feet trying to kick through the one spot on my bump that hurts. But I suppose he can stay in there until the baby shower at least. We get to see him again tomorrow when I go for a second ultrasound finally.

What we’re eating this week:

Easy One-Pot Lasagna — I have some leftover ricotta cheese from last week I need to use up, and this sounds like a great recipe.

Sweet and Sour Stir Fry — My best friend is doing me a huge favor by taking me to my ultrasound appointment tomorrow, so I’m going to make this stir fry vegan for her. I’m going to make it with tofu and sub out the chicken stock for vegetable stock.

Salt and Pepper Pork Chops — This is a nice simple meat dish that I’m going to serve with baked potatoes.

Lemon, Garlic and Thyme Drumsticks — Another simple meat dish with mashed potatoes.

Fried Cabbage and Sausage — This is a week of using up things I already have, I have half of a head of cabbage from last week that needs using up, as much as my husband isn’t going to like it.

Weekly Meal Plan: July 23 – July 29


Things are really ramping up to the last couple of months before the baby gets here. Tomorrow is our two year wedding anniversary and last Saturday we went into Boston to celebrate. I wanted to go on a mini overnight vacation but he only wanted a day trip, so we decided to go get food in Boston instead. It was lovely except for the fact that all the places I wanted to eat at were either not open for the day yet or had moved locations. So we got a late lunch/early dinner at my favorite takeout place and came home. It was also just way too hot. I was drowning in sweat, that is not at all cute.

My baby shower is set for the beginning of September as that was the only date that worked for some people. It’s cutting it a bit close but hopefully it will all work out. Baby just better stay in there until close to due date.

I got a great opportunity to get a second ultrasound for free at a med school. Their students need to practice their techniques and I get some free pictures of the baby out of it. I can’t wait. Our insurance only covered one so I was resigned to never seeing him again until he comes out unless I needed one. I go for that in the middle of August.

What we’re eating this week:

Orzo Skillet (pictured) — Forgot to take a pic this week so here’s an old one. I used ground beef this time instead of ground chicken or turkey. I had some left over from last week I needed to use and some spinach that was going bad.

Spaghetti — Whenever I make something with tomato sauce, my husband always asks if I’m making spaghetti, yet when I ask him what he wants to eat each week, he never asks for it. So this week he’s getting his wish and I’m making spaghetti with mushrooms.

Green Beans, Chicken and Potatoes — My husband loves simple dishes like this so I think I’ll make it for our anniversary.

Shrimp, Spinach and Rice — I haven’t made this staple dish in a while, I definitely think it’s time, so delicious!

Brazilian Beans and Rice —  A simple dish with sausage, beans and rice, will probably swap out chickpeas for the pinto beans because someone doesn’t like beans.

Weekly Meal Plan: June 18 – June 23

Coming up to the end of the month, lots going on. I have an appointment today to check on the baby as well as doing a ton of errands. I have to go to Michael’s and pick up supplies for the cakes I’m making this weekend (hopefully they have everything I need this time) as well as make my weekly Aldi run. Work has thankfully hit a slow point at the moment (but not dried up completely) and hopefully it will still be somewhat slow this weekend.

What we’re eating this week:

Tuscan One Pot (pictured) — I used ground beef instead of sausage, and chickpeas instead of beans because my husband hates beans. I also cooked some quinoa and added it at the end.

Spinach and Tofu Lasagna — No link, sorry. I’ve always put off making this because it seemed difficult but when I reread the recipe, it seemed a lot easier. So we’ll see how this turns out.

Creamy Garlic Penne Pasta — Just a simple pasta dish. I want to practice making sauce with flour and butter.

Chicken with Feta Cheese Sauce — Another sauce with butter and flour as well as evaporated milk. This sounds really good. I’m going to pair it with some mashed potatoes.

Simply Great Pork — My usual chicken dish, only with pork chops this time. It’s great either way. Probably serve this with couscous or rice.

Weekly Meal Plan: June 4 – June 10

Nothing much going on this week except more house construction and I’m still pregnant. Currently 23 weeks, majorly uncomfortable and not getting good sleep, but still not too bad. Feeling lots of kicks but not too hard yet. We’ve already gotten tons of nice stuff, some handmedown items like a swing and a Rock and Play type thing, some clothes, a play mat with hanging toys, and a large box of diapers. A few items were already purchased off the registry as well like our car seat, the Pack and Play he’s going to sleep in at first, and things like bibs and a blanket.

This week I’ve planned out some good snacks, like hard boiling half a dozen eggs (in the oven) and purchasing Greek yogurt cups for each day. I try not to buy the individual servings but there was a good deal at Shaw’s this week. I’m going to Aldi today for a few things.

What we’re eating this week:

Green Pepper Casserole (pictured) – A real go to dish for us, this never fails to satisfy. I made it with ground chicken this week.

Chicken Parm Casserole – This is a new recipe this week. My husband loves chicken parm and I like the flavors without having to deal with breading chicken.

Skillet Pasta with Sausage – Our weekly sausage dish, it always results in a super flavorful and comforting meal.

Greek Marinated Chicken – Another new recipe, I’m picturing zesty and moist chicken with a side of quinoa.

Spaghetti – I have some meatballs in the freezer I’m going to toss in the sauce to heat up, you can never go wrong with spaghetti. I took some time yesterday to put together my spice mixes, like spaghetti sauce, taco seasoning and pizza sauce spices.


Weekly Pinterest Roundup — May 29

Welcome to my weekly Pinterest roundup, no images belong to me, only their respective owners. Click each picture to go to the link.

Pinterest is a huge help in my day-to-day life, I use stuff from it every single day from recipes to fitness routines to just cool lifestyle ideas. Every week I like to round up a few things that I really liked recently.



My husband doesn’t have quite a problem with tools yet, but I love this idea for hanging drills and things with the batteries on top!


It’s so important to really connect with people, especially our children. These are tips we should all keep in mind every day.


I hope to make our kids bookworms like me, so these are some good tips to help them.



I’m a sucker for orzo and this looks so good.


I’m making these for dinner this week. Yum!


Spinach Avocado Mac and Cheese. It’s meant for kids, but I would totally eat this too!


And for dessert, this amazing looking Cookies and Cream Cheesecake.


Or maybe banana bread taken up a notch. I made some this week but it was not this fancy.


This cake looks amazingly divine and easy!



I adore white dresses even though they seem like a nightmare to keep clean.


This yellow one really caught my eye too.


Love this simple combo of gray and white, this skirt looks so comfortable.