Fitness Friday: Goals for Life With Baby

I haven’t done a Fitness Friday post in a long time, but that’s not exactly what this is either. I’d just like to share some goals I have once the baby comes with all of you.

I really let myself go with this pregnancy. I was actually doing really well with exercising at the beginning of the year. I was doing a squat challenge and actually made it to 100 squats or so, even though it hurt pretty bad by the end. I found out I was pregnant in early February, and then the nausea and fatigue hit.

I actually never had morning sickness, not once. Eating regularly helped keep the nausea down and eventually it went away. The fatigue never did though. That combined with regular eating made me gain way more weight than I wanted. Luckily it’s mostly baby, but I still don’t like my slight double chin or the way I look. So I have some goals including food, fitness and just life in general that I’d like to work on in the coming year, at least once I’m moving around again and have recovered from abdominal surgery.

Goal #1 Cut Down on Sugar: I had a major sweet tooth this pregnancy, especially for ice cream, melons and dried mango. This is my first goal that I promised my husband would happen as soon as the baby is out. I may or may not still have some ice cream in the freezer at that point, but once that’s gone, no more. Anything sweet I eat will be either fruit or something I make myself from scratch.

Goal #2 Walk: At least before it gets cold, I want to take the baby out either in the stroller or the sling every day. This is once I recover a little of course. The walking will be good for me, and I know we’re going to stay cooped up trying to figure out how to take care of a baby for the first month while my husband is off work. I don’t know what I’ll do once it gets cold, I’ll have to figure that out.

Goal #3 Healthy Eating Habits: I’m planning on baby led weaning once he hits about 6 months, so I want to start our eating habits early, before that point. We eat vegetables but I want to make more of an effort to eat them at every meal, as well as more fruit. I might start buying salad fixings again more often so we have that at the very least. This kid is going to eat vegetables and like them, so we need to set a good example.

Goal #4 Productivity and Self Care: Again, once I’ve recovered and we’ve figured out this baby thing a bit better. I want to get into a better routine, like bathing and getting dressed every day and cut out some habits that eat my productivity. A lot of them will be cut automatically since I just won’t have three hours to spend playing games on my iPad in the morning anymore. A routine and dedicated work time (with baby care breaks) is my goal.

We’ll see how well these all work out. I think I left them broad enough that they’re doable but with specific actions I want to take on all of them. Can any moms or anyone else give me some tips?

Weekly Meal Plan: July 23 – July 29


Things are really ramping up to the last couple of months before the baby gets here. Tomorrow is our two year wedding anniversary and last Saturday we went into Boston to celebrate. I wanted to go on a mini overnight vacation but he only wanted a day trip, so we decided to go get food in Boston instead. It was lovely except for the fact that all the places I wanted to eat at were either not open for the day yet or had moved locations. So we got a late lunch/early dinner at my favorite takeout place and came home. It was also just way too hot. I was drowning in sweat, that is not at all cute.

My baby shower is set for the beginning of September as that was the only date that worked for some people. It’s cutting it a bit close but hopefully it will all work out. Baby just better stay in there until close to due date.

I got a great opportunity to get a second ultrasound for free at a med school. Their students need to practice their techniques and I get some free pictures of the baby out of it. I can’t wait. Our insurance only covered one so I was resigned to never seeing him again until he comes out unless I needed one. I go for that in the middle of August.

What we’re eating this week:

Orzo Skillet (pictured) — Forgot to take a pic this week so here’s an old one. I used ground beef this time instead of ground chicken or turkey. I had some left over from last week I needed to use and some spinach that was going bad.

Spaghetti — Whenever I make something with tomato sauce, my husband always asks if I’m making spaghetti, yet when I ask him what he wants to eat each week, he never asks for it. So this week he’s getting his wish and I’m making spaghetti with mushrooms.

Green Beans, Chicken and Potatoes — My husband loves simple dishes like this so I think I’ll make it for our anniversary.

Shrimp, Spinach and Rice — I haven’t made this staple dish in a while, I definitely think it’s time, so delicious!

Brazilian Beans and Rice —  A simple dish with sausage, beans and rice, will probably swap out chickpeas for the pinto beans because someone doesn’t like beans.

Weekly Meal Plan: June 18 – June 23

Coming up to the end of the month, lots going on. I have an appointment today to check on the baby as well as doing a ton of errands. I have to go to Michael’s and pick up supplies for the cakes I’m making this weekend (hopefully they have everything I need this time) as well as make my weekly Aldi run. Work has thankfully hit a slow point at the moment (but not dried up completely) and hopefully it will still be somewhat slow this weekend.

What we’re eating this week:

Tuscan One Pot (pictured) — I used ground beef instead of sausage, and chickpeas instead of beans because my husband hates beans. I also cooked some quinoa and added it at the end.

Spinach and Tofu Lasagna — No link, sorry. I’ve always put off making this because it seemed difficult but when I reread the recipe, it seemed a lot easier. So we’ll see how this turns out.

Creamy Garlic Penne Pasta — Just a simple pasta dish. I want to practice making sauce with flour and butter.

Chicken with Feta Cheese Sauce — Another sauce with butter and flour as well as evaporated milk. This sounds really good. I’m going to pair it with some mashed potatoes.

Simply Great Pork — My usual chicken dish, only with pork chops this time. It’s great either way. Probably serve this with couscous or rice.

Weekly Pinterest Roundup — June 16

Welcome to my weekly Pinterest roundup, no images belong to me, only their respective owners. Click each picture to go to the link.

Pinterest is a huge help in my day-to-day life, I use stuff from it every single day from recipes to fitness routines to just cool lifestyle ideas. Every week I like to round up a few things that I really liked recently.



We’re redoing our master bathroom soon and I really like how this is laid out. Click the picture for a lot more inspiration, this entire house is so beautiful and organized!


I plan on doing this with our son and any future kids. Reading a huge part of my life and I plan on teaching them to read as early as possible.


I’d like to build this for my husband for his growing collection of tools.



Cajun Shrimp with pasta and cream sauce, this sounds delicious.


I actually found this recipe while I was doing research for an article I was writing on turmeric. This is Turmeric Falafel and it sounds super easy to make!


I tried this recipe for microwave cookies. They didn’t turn out too well for me, if someone else tries them, let me know how they went!



I love the color yellow but it’s never been a good color on me sadly.


I would never be able to wear this romper, but it is gorgeous!


Packing a beach bag for a week. I’d leave out the buttondown, polo and khakis, but I like everything else.

Weekly Meal Plan: June 11 – June 15

Things are still pretty slow around here but they should be ramping up a bit at the end of the month. I have a cake and cupcakes to make for our nephews’ birthday party plus another OBGYN appointment. Then next month is our two year wedding anniversary, hoping for a weekend trip somewhere as a short getaway.

We’re still renovating the house but we’re coming up on the last big project, the large bathroom redo. Then we only have to deal with minor projects until the baby is due.

Thanks for hanging in there with me through my hiatus from life, basically. I’m working on getting on a posting schedule again, shooting for 4 blog posts a week. We’ll see how it goes. Later in the week I’ll be bringing back a popular series, so be sure to come back for that.

What we’re eating this week:

One Pot Hamburger Helper Pasta (pictured) – This was delicious! I’m already looking forward to eating it for leftovers today.

Chicken and Broccoli with Rice – I never buy chicken breasts but I’m going to take advantage of a sale this week and buy a large package to use for two recipes.

Hawaiian Baked Chicken – My other chicken dish for the week. I don’t have a side planned yet, I thought I’d see what kind of fresh vegetables looked good at the store and wing it.

Healthy Garlic Shrimp Pasta – I adore a good, easy shrimp dish and this definitely fits the bill.

Skillet Sausage and Rice – This is one of my favorite dishes ever, it’s always easy and always delicious.

Weekly Pinterest Roundup — May 22

Welcome to my weekly Pinterest roundup, no images belong to me, only their respective owners. Click each picture to go to the link.

Pinterest is a huge help in my day-to-day life, I use stuff from it every single day from recipes to fitness routines to just cool lifestyle ideas. Every week I like to round up a few things that I really liked recently.

Inspirational and Educational:


I love these types of to do lists! Now if only I’d do them.


My husband got me flowers for Mother’s Day and I used this recipe for flower food to keep them going, and they still look beautiful.


This is a great educational article on how to deal with having a baby boy. I will be needing this soon!



These look so delicious, I need to try them.


I’ve always wanted to try making pesto with spinach.


This dish looks so warm and comforting.



I love the colors of this capsule wardrobe, I just might switch the cream for white personally.


I like how everything goes together without being overly matchy.


I’m seeing a theme in my taste for the week. If only I had a waist anymore.

Weekly Pinterest Roundup — May 15

Welcome to my weekly Pinterest roundup, no images belong to me, only their respective owners. Click each picture to go to the link.

Pinterest is a huge help in my day-to-day life, I use stuff from it every single day from recipes to fitness routines to just cool lifestyle ideas. Every week I like to round up a few things that I really liked recently.


I’m making cake for our twin nephews again this year, and they’re into firetrucks this time. Last year it was Elmo. I’ll be making a sheet cake in the shape of a firetruck like the one below, and two dozen fire cupcakes.





I’ve been pretty bad with eating healthy so far in my pregnancy, though I try. I’m going to work this week on healthier snacks and lunches, and get a lot more fruits and vegetables in. This avocado toast with scrambled eggs looks delicious.


I also like the look of this tuna and white bean salad maybe for a sandwich.


I keep looking for good quinoa recipes because I’m not the biggest fan of it, and this looks really easy and delicious.



For style this week, you can see I’ve been into dark florals and skirts.


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