Blog Guide

If you came here for food posts, try my Menu Monday or Tasty Tuesday posts. Menu Mondays go over my meal plan for the week, some notes on grocery shopping and general thoughts on cooking and food goals for the week. Tasty Tuesday features a recipe that I’ve prepared recently with easy to follow instructions, pictures, and sometimes a link to the recipe that inspired it.

You can also find food posts in Thrifty Thursday. This is where you’ll find tips on saving money while shopping for food and where I catalog my attempts at making some things from scratch like granola bars, bread and yogurt.

If you’re here for books, I post a weekly book review on What I Read Wednesday.

If you’re here for fashion and beauty, check out my Fashion Friday and Beauty posts.

Thursdays are for Thursday Thoughts, where I write about something I’ve been thinking about lately. You can also find a few random essays and life posts in my Monday Musing category.

If you want to know more about me, check out my Life posts, or find out how I planned a wedding for around $1500 under the Wedding Planning category.

You can follow me on Pinterest and Goodreads, and find my feeds on the sidebar to the right.

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