Throwback Book Review: Boxcar Children Special #7

Welcome to my weekly throwback book review! Each week I’ll be rereading and reviewing one or two books from my childhood. I was a huge reader as a child and these books shaped my life. I couldn’t possibly get rid of them, so I still have a large collection that I am sharing with all of you in the form of reviews.

What we missed: The children save an inn, join a baseball team, visit a colonial village, and go to the county fair.

Special #7 The Pet Shop Mystery: The Aldens find a gray parrot that has escaped from the local pet store and bring it back. The owner has just hired a new manager and also asks the kids to help out while she’s at a conference. The new manager wants nothing to do with the kids and keeps them out of the store as much as possible. He’s also acting strangely, giving them mixed up orders and ‘finding’ a macaw and monkey who need to be transferred to a zoo. He claims someone left them at the pet shop door while the kids witnessed someone delivering the animals to him.

Strange things keep happening, like the door of the shop being left open at night and the exotic animals escaping, all of the birds let out of their cages, and animal food ripped open and scattered. And the kids get blamed for all of it.

When the kids catch the manager selling the monkey and macaw to a customer and not sending them to the zoo as promised, they call the owner who catches him in the act. He wanted the store to start selling more exotic pets to make more money, while the owner wants nothing to do with wild animals who should be left in their habitats.

As I was writing this out, I realized that not a lot actually happened in this book. It takes place over an extremely short amount of time and all of the mysterious problems are mostly the same, mixed up orders and missing animals. But it was a nice little mystery and I remember liking this one a lot, like all of the animal mysteries.

One exciting part of this one is that the action actually takes place around school. The kids have an after-school paper route and the pet store job, and one of Jessie’s classmates shows up in this book. I’m not sure why this one is a special besides the fact that it has the activities in the back like the Washington D.C. special.

This is the last book I own in the Boxcar Children series, so stay tuned next week for a recap post and then the start of a new series/group of books!


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