Weekly Meal Plan: September 3 – September 9

Happy Labor Day! No labor yet for me, though I still have time. Baby is still breech as far as we know though we’ve been trying to flip him all week. The ultrasound went great, he’s already about 6 pounds, and we even got to see his face and profile, though not in 3d.

The baby shower went smoothly and it was nice. I spent all weekend sorting baby clothes, removing tags, doing laundry and putting everything away. We also went to the store to buy things that no one else did, like the stroller, crib sheets, bottles, that kind of thing. I also picked out a couple of items of clothing myself for his coming home outfit. Now I get to send out all of the thank you cards.

We installed the car seat today and the meeting with the pediatrician is this week. Only a few more things left on my to do list!

What we’re eating this week:

At the end of last week, I made a whole chicken in the crock pot, had some meat left over, and made some chicken stock. I decided to combine those things and make some soup. I used this recipe but added chicken instead of beans. I was going to add chickpeas but I was out! Picture above, it turned out okay but not great.

Smoked Sausage and Rice — Made this one tonight because I wanted something quick and easy. It was pretty good but I have other similar recipes which are better.

Crock Pot Maple Dijon Chicken Thighs — This sounded like a nice and easy delicious meal, I’ll be serving it with corn or mashed potatoes.

Greek Marinated Chicken — I’ve made this one before and it was pretty good. I’ll be serving it with either the corn or potatoes that didn’t go with the other chicken dish.

Bubble Up Enchiladas — I’ve made a couple of dishes in the past involving canned biscuits but I try to avoid them because of the processed biscuits. I thought this one would be fun and tasty though.

Creamy Garlic Herb Mushroom Spaghetti — I might not need this recipe depending on our schedule for the week, but it seemed easy enough to throw in just in case.


3 thoughts on “Weekly Meal Plan: September 3 – September 9

  1. My goal for the month of September is to step up my meal planning (i.e. start meal planning), so it’s interesting to read back through some of your meal plans and get some ideas. Thanks for sharing this. And hopefully your little one turns himself around for you in time!


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