Throwback Book Review: Boxcar Children #59

Welcome to my weekly throwback book review! Each week I’ll be rereading and reviewing one or two books from my childhood. I was a huge reader as a child and these books shaped my life. I couldn’t possibly get rid of them, so I still have a large collection that I am sharing with all of you in the form of reviews.

#59 The Outer Space Mystery: Grandfather is assisting with a science conference at a small college, so of course the kids tag along. He’s friends with the president of the college, because of course he is, who asked him to moderate the conference. I don’t think these kids are ever going to get to college if they never go to school, which is what it seems like.

Astronomy is big at this school as they have a nice fancy observatory, which the kids are instantly fascinated by. They meet a student Mark who has a secret project he’s working on, along with another student who is always around to steal his thunder.

As is the case with these books, strange things start happening. Someone seems to be sabotaging Mark and his project. His notes go missing about the same time as a girl goes missing. Rachel had been acting strangely for a while, she worked as a waitress at the college and seemed overly nervous. She finally calls and says she’s staying with her grandparents and is alright, so people give up the search.

Mark presses on without his notes and finishes up the project, but discovers that someone switched out his papers for blank sheets. The kids suspect Eugene, his rival, and follow him to an abandoned cabin where they find Rachel, and Mark’s missing project. Eugene paid her to rewrite it so he could pass it off as his work.

Knowing he’s been found out, Eugene takes off, and Rachel goes with the kids to come clean. Mark gets to deliver his project on the fact that he found a new asteroid, which he wants to name after the Aldens.

I did not remember this book at all. I didn’t want Rachel to be guilty because it seems in these books that the most obvious suspect is never the right one, but this time it was. Overall, this one was pretty meh. We’re getting close to the end of the books I own and I’m almost ready for it.

4 thoughts on “Throwback Book Review: Boxcar Children #59

  1. I was going to grab a handful of these while I was at my library last week. Maybe this weekend 🙂 My library got rid of all of the “Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators” books, and I cannot find them anywhere. I love rereading those!


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