Weekly Meal Plan: July 23 – July 29


Things are really ramping up to the last couple of months before the baby gets here. Tomorrow is our two year wedding anniversary and last Saturday we went into Boston to celebrate. I wanted to go on a mini overnight vacation but he only wanted a day trip, so we decided to go get food in Boston instead. It was lovely except for the fact that all the places I wanted to eat at were either not open for the day yet or had moved locations. So we got a late lunch/early dinner at my favorite takeout place and came home. It was also just way too hot. I was drowning in sweat, that is not at all cute.

My baby shower is set for the beginning of September as that was the only date that worked for some people. It’s cutting it a bit close but hopefully it will all work out. Baby just better stay in there until close to due date.

I got a great opportunity to get a second ultrasound for free at a med school. Their students need to practice their techniques and I get some free pictures of the baby out of it. I can’t wait. Our insurance only covered one so I was resigned to never seeing him again until he comes out unless I needed one. I go for that in the middle of August.

What we’re eating this week:

Orzo Skillet (pictured) — Forgot to take a pic this week so here’s an old one. I used ground beef this time instead of ground chicken or turkey. I had some left over from last week I needed to use and some spinach that was going bad.

Spaghetti — Whenever I make something with tomato sauce, my husband always asks if I’m making spaghetti, yet when I ask him what he wants to eat each week, he never asks for it. So this week he’s getting his wish and I’m making spaghetti with mushrooms.

Green Beans, Chicken and Potatoes — My husband loves simple dishes like this so I think I’ll make it for our anniversary.

Shrimp, Spinach and Rice — I haven’t made this staple dish in a while, I definitely think it’s time, so delicious!

Brazilian Beans and Rice —  A simple dish with sausage, beans and rice, will probably swap out chickpeas for the pinto beans because someone doesn’t like beans.

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