Throwback Book Review: Boxcar Children #45 and 46

Hello all! This series has taken a bit of a hiatus, mainly because I just haven’t been in the mood to read for a bit, and for a while my books weren’t all that accessible. We were painting the trim in the office and my bookshelf had to be moved, and a lot of the books had to come off and be stacked on the floor. But now it is painted and everything is back neat and orderly.

You may remember my collection looking like this:img_0804


We bought a bookshelf just for all of my childhood books, and they filled it up. Ta da, after shot:


I won’t be reviewing all of these, but there are a lot of series and older books I used to love that I’d like to get to. Shout out if you recognize anything and want me to review it! The bookshelf to the left holds all of my ‘adult’ books like Outlander, Laurie R. King and Karen Rose, as well as my L. M. Montgomery collection, and I have one more to the left of that one that holds mainly nonfiction books.

Now on to your regularly scheduled post.

We last left off on books #42 and 43, about a missing cat and a stage production.

What We Missed: #44 The Dinosaur Mystery, in which the children work in a natural history museum and someone apparently steals dino bones.

#45 The Mystery of the Stolen Music: A prestigious orchestra is in town, because of course, and you know all kids love classical music. Violet is interested because she plays violin, and Grandfather knows people at the orchestra so he makes introductions. The big attraction besides the music is that they are touring with a piece of original Mozart sheet music. But of course it goes missing.

The kids have their suspects, so they quickly get to the bottom of it after some false leads, and figure out who took the music, the orchestra manager who is upset about being taken for granted. Violet gets to play in the children’s orchestra and impresses the first chair violinist of the big orchestra. Their cousin Soo Lee shows up again with a convenient interest in also playing the violin.

This was never one of my favorites growing up, it was just one of the series that I read on my way through it. I didn’t remember much about it.

#46 The Chocolate Sundae Mystery: The kids’ favorite ice cream parlor has been sold to a new owner, and it’s having problems. The old employees quit, and the new ones seem to be pretty incompetent. The kids chip in immediately and get jobs there, but things start going wrong for real. Entire tubs of ice cream are going missing along with sauces and parfait glasses, the whipped cream goes bad, and someone even smashes the big picture window in front, from the inside.

Everything points to the owner of the new neighborhood ice cream truck being behind it all, but that would be too easy. Who is behind all of the problems and are they trying to sabotage the ice cream parlor? Nope, just one of the new employees feeding his friends who don’t get much to eat. Because in a shop that also sells sandwiches, the kids’ one meal a day should be ice cream sundaes.

I liked this one growing up but I didn’t remember it much at all like who was behind the problems. One thing that bothers me is the missing parfait glasses. The boys being fed confess to dropping them on the sidewalk, but why were they taking them home in the first place? Also, check out those giant servings of ice cream on the cover, a bit much don’t you think? Especially Benny with his banana split all to himself.

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