Weekly Meal Plan — May 29 – June 4

I want to try getting back into meal planning posts, probably without the grocery haul pictures. If anyone is interested I might still post a list of what I bought for the week with a grocery budget.

I haven’t actually been meal planning too much for the past couple of months, I’ve just been so wiped out that doing anything beyond the bare minimum seemed out of the question. But I want to eat well for this baby, so back to meal planning it is. Here’s what we’re eating this week.

Sausage and Chickpeas (pictured) – I love easy one pan meals like this, and they’re so delicious. I’m always in the mood for a meal involving rice, sausage and chickpeas with loads of vegetables.

Parmesan and Sage Pork Chops – This is one of my go to ways to cook pork chops. I baked them for half an hour instead of cooking them on the stovetop, and served them with corn on the cob.

Enchilada Pasta – Another easy one pan meal with tons of flavor.

Shrimp with Orzo and Asparagus – If I’m cooking shrimp, there’s a good chance I’m using this recipe. I love the way the shrimp flavor blends with the lemon and asparagus.

Slow Cooker Asian Drumsticks – This is a new recipe for this week, I have a huge package of chicken drumsticks in the freezer I need to use. I’ll be serving it with a rice or couscous side with vegetables.


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