Big Announcement

Sorry I’ve been MIA a lot for the past month or so. I promised to talk more about the big project I’ve been working on that has derailed a lot of stuff I’ve had going on. It’s finally time!


We’ve been married for almost two years now and at the end of January I found out that we’re having a little one.

It’s very exciting and somewhat scary, not only for all the big changes ahead but all the physical stuff I am not looking forward to. I’m about 13 and a half weeks right now and we got to hear the heartbeat yesterday for the first time! If all goes well we’ll have a baby right between our birthdays at the end of September.

So far everything has been okay, some nausea but otherwise symptoms have been minimal besides so much fatigue and eating everything in sight. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how things go over the next six months.

I’m going to do my best to keep getting blog posts up even if I miss a few here and there. My bullet journal has been all but abandoned for the moment besides writing down appointments. Thank you all for reading and your continued support.

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