January 2017 Review

Hello and welcome to my first monthly progress review! I have a lot of goals for this year so I thought a good idea would be to look at my stats and progress each month and see how I’m doing.

Blog Stats and Progress

I haven’t been keeping track very well, but I believe I got 16 new followers in the month of January for a total of 161 (excluding myself). I’d really love to reach 500 followers this year, so we’ll see. 200-250 is probably a more attainable goal. I did also just purge a few followers who no longer seem to be active on WordPress.

I got 307 views on my blog for the month of January, compared to 166 in December when I wasn’t posting regularly. I had 203 visitors, 81 likes and 20 comments. Not too bad!

My most viewed post is still my Birdseye Protein Copycat post which got 253 views alone last year and 51 this month. My two Bullet Journal posts came in second and third.

Personal Goals and Bullet Journal Update

My main goals for the month of January were to exercise every day, lower my sugar intake, and practice my French every day (as well as fill out everything on my habit tracker). Exercising every day sounds intense, but I kept it simple. In the morning I’d do a very short routine just to get myself moving, and at night I’d tackle my current exercise challenge.


I’m happy to say I completed this entire thing from Jan 1 – 30. It was not always easy but I powered through it. 100 squats is hopefully no one’s idea of fun, because it’s definitely not mine.

For lowering my sugar intake, I really paid attention to what I ate during the day. My main goal was to cut out everything containing high fructose corn syrup, and limit what I ate that contained other kinds of sugar. I bent the rules a bit sometimes like if I was in a hurry to head out the door and was starving, I ate part of a Power bar, or if I woke up in the morning starving on a weekend, I ate a bowl of Raisin Bran or Cheerios. Sometimes you just need a quick sugar burst when it’s low before, in my case, you get sick or cranky. At night after dinner I allowed myself less than a serving of good chocolate or cookies.

For February, my main goal will be to start and maintain a cleaning habit. I’ll be starting off with a ten day cleaning challenge and go from there.

Bullet Journal To Do and Habit Tracker:

I didn’t use my monthly to do list too much, I’ll stick with this format for another month and see if it gets used more eventually before I scrap it.

My habit tracker however was brilliant. I somehow managed to fill it out 100% for the month, which I’ve never done before and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone else do either. I added a water and sugar tracker as well as a line for my writing word count.

I managed to fill out every box by keeping my bar set low. It’s about building habits after all. I made the bed every day (easy), made sure the kitchen sink was mostly clear at bedtime (not always entirely possible since our dishwasher broke twice this month but I made an effort every day), exercised twice a day, read (at least for five minutes), wrote (at least for five minutes), deliberately filled my water bottle and kept it with me, and kept my sugar intake low for the day.

I managed to write 11,220 words for the month! That’s really good, I will definitely keep up writing even a little bit every day.

For February, I’m keeping my habit tracker mostly the same.

 I removed the making the bed habit because I feel like that one is in place enough that I will keep it up regardless, when I go into the bedroom to get ready in the morning. I also removed the sugar habit though I plan on still keeping the intake on the low side. I’m still going to focus on dishes, exercise, reading, writing and water.

New this month is my teeth habit, sometimes it’s easy to skip brushing your teeth in the morning if you’re not going anywhere, and I’d like to fix that, shooting for twice a day. Also new is my cleaning tracker, to mark it off I need to clean at least one thing a day.

So far the only things noted on my to do list are tv shows that are starting in February and a book I need to read.

Bullet Journal Editorial

I really like my editorial calendar, I just need to figure out how to use it more efficiently. I figured out that scheduling all the books I’m going to post in advance is not a good idea, as sometimes I get new ones that need to go up around the pub date, and sometimes I start reading others that I don’t want to finish, let alone write about. I do think I’ll keep it for February though, as you can see below, even though I already messed up on it in a couple of places.

Bullet Journal 2017 Goals and Movies to Watch

I added this page after I posted my setup for 2017. This is going to be a running list of things I want to work on. So far I’d say I’m doing pretty well on my goals.

I don’t work 6 hours per day yet, and I don’t have a cleaning schedule, but I have been consistently posting at least 3 blog posts a week, practicing my French and writing every day.

Under Health and Food, I have been exercising and cutting down sugar. Working on the flexibility thing, this month I managed to grab my left foot twice and touch my toes a few times, but nowhere near consistent. I’d also like to start making freezer meals so I have a stock of go to meals I can just throw in the crock pot if I don’t feel like cooking on a weekend.

Movies to watch is self explanatory, it’s a continuation of the list I started last year. Embarrassingly, I just updated my blog version of this list for 2017 as I was writing this post.

Bullet Journal Weekly/Daily

I just don’t have enough going on in my day to justify taking the time to make a daily log. I like seeing my week at a glance and filling in anything I need to remember. I took inspiration from a few pretty bullet journals I’ve seen online for this one. I divided it into regular To Dos and Work To Dos. At the bottom of each day I also added the part of my exercise challenge I needed to do that day.

On the opposite page is my weekly list page. I have a list of blog posts I need to write for the week, my meal plan at a glance, my goal tasks from my master list that I’m focusing on, my reading list, my jobs, and my exercises. Each week I choose a short morning routine to do every day. The first week I had a notes section I didn’t use so the next week I removed it. Then the week after that I added a weekly to do list. I may have too many to do lists.

This was a bit long winded, I should come up with a more efficient way of reviewing the month.

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