Our Bathroom Makeover!

So we bought a house last summer, and have been working on it ever since. There’s been a ton of painting and replacing old things, and just all sorts of minor renovations. The house was built in the late 80s and is totally dated. It’s also a running joke about how the builders cheaped out on literally everything.

This half bathroom renovation is the most recent project and it is the first room to be totally done!

Before we get to the reveal, here are the before pictures!

The original hallway leading to the bathroom. The doors to the left hide the tiny laundry room. Featured: ugly brown everything, gross floor with peeling up tiles that look like they got wet at one point. Plain beige walls.

The gross bathroom. Ugly two tone cabinets, gross sink, toilet with disgusting caulk around the bottom, unnecessary brown cabinets, ripped wall.

Terrible dated medicine cabinet with a mirror that was too high for me to even look in, and huge light fixture.

We painted the walls a light gray, all of the trim and doors white, changed out the doorknobs and pulls on the laundry room. We also replaced the flooring with some nice vinyl tiles.

Painted the walls of the bathroom a very light purple, painted all the trim in the bathroom white as well, replaced the toilet. We had professionals replace the floor and toilet as we weren’t sure what we would find.

Sorry for the lighting, I tried to add some natural lighting as well but it still came out dark. We replaced the vanity, mirror and light, as well as the toilet paper holder, towel holder and faucet. The faucet has an LED in it, we still haven’t figured out why. I love how artsy that towel holder is.

Here are the three before and after photos side by side.




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