Weekly Pinterest Roundup

Welcome to my weekly Pinterest roundup, no images belong to me, only their respective owners. Click each picture to go to the link.

Pinterest is a huge help in my day-to-day life, I use stuff from it every single day from recipes to fitness routines to just cool lifestyle ideas. Every week I like to round up a few things that I really liked recently.



I don’t know about you, but I am the worst about procrastinating. In fact, while I was supposed to be writing this post, I had Facebook open in another tab playing games. So bad. It’s been a New Year’s resolution for years now to get productive, so I’m trying. I’m still trying.


A similar article, but on how to have a productive morning. I have a “morning routine” but it mostly involves coffee and making the rounds of my usual apps on my iPad. Mostly games with a daily reward.


Along with being productive, I really want to get serious about my writing. I really like this article with its simplistic but brilliant ideas for writing.



Greek marinated chicken. This sounds absolutely heavenly and I plan on trying it soon.


There’s not much I like more than the pairing of honey and garlic. I’ve been looking for another good shrimp recipe and this might be it.


I struggle to find snacks that aren’t sweet, that I can make at home, so I’d like to try these zucchini chips.

Other Stuff:


I used to cross stitch a bit (along with every other random craft like it), and I’d really like to get back into it. This bird is adorable.


I love these shoes with the sweet bow.


I wish our nightstands looked this neat and put together. They’re usually just a mass of cords and books.


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