Weekly Pinterest Roundup — January 9

Welcome to my weekly Pinterest roundup, no images belong to me, only their respective owners. Click each picture to go to the link.

Pinterest is a huge help in my day-to-day life, I use stuff from it every single day from recipes to fitness routines to just cool lifestyle ideas. Every week I like to round up a few things that I really liked recently.



I’ve been writing for a long time and I still don’t feel like I’ve really got character down. Every once in a while I get a good character but I still struggle.


I love this home color palette, and it is very close to the colors we have picked in our house. The bedrooms are basically the blue color, the main living areas and hallways are a light gray, and we plan on painting the bathrooms a light purple.


If I could send this to every single writer I edit, I would. It’s a great simple refresher on dialogue writing rules that they all get wrong.



I’m always looking for homemade snack ideas.


If you have a recipe calling for half and half, don’t buy it! Well, you can, but here are four ways to make it from stuff you might already have. I used the heavy cream and milk technique and it worked great.


Not the most glamorous picture, but I tried this and this recipe is delicious. I love cabbage!



Click this picture for a huge post of gorgeous shoes. These are amazing!


That middle dress is to die for, but I love the overall color palette.

Health and Fitness:


This is my January fitness challenge, so far so good! Not looking forward to 100 squats and crunches though.

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