Pork and Vegetable Roast

Make this. Seriously, do it. I am not a fan of dishes with a big slab of meat and vegetables on the side, but this is so tender, so flavorful, so delicious, and it was ridiculously easy. My husband even asked me to put it into our regular recipe rotation.

Click here for the original recipe I worked from.

The recipe called for a pork tenderloin, but this larger rounder piece of pork was cheaper. I bought it already marinated, I believe it was lemon and garlic, and it was in the same area of the grocery store as the marinated pork tenderloins.

That went into the greased baking dish first. Then I chopped up 4โ€“5 medium russet potatoes and 5 large carrots into small pieces. I did not use a whole fresh onion, I just added about half a cup of chopped frozen onion to the bag with the carrots and potatoes.

The other changes I made to this dish was just sprinkling dried rosemary and thyme into the bag with the vegetables instead of adding the fresh sprigs. I also cooked it for about 45 minutes, as this pork roast was a bit larger around than a tenderloin. The vegetables were not overdone at all, they were perfect. The carrots still had a bit of a bite to them (I hate mushy carrots) but the potatoes were perfectly tender.

If you’re looking for an easy dish for dinner, this is it! Besides the chopping time, everything else was totally hands off. Also, I am not into Paleo or any kind of diet like that, but I imagine this could be Paleo compliant very easily. Also try it in your slow cooker!


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