Writer Style/A Writer Cooks WordPress.com Edition is Back!

2016 was a year of experimentation. I received free web hosting for a year through a course, so I decided to get my own domain and make a go at running a website for real, see if I could make any money from it like everyone on Pinterest seems to do. Big surprise, I got nothing, barely any views or clicks. The money is really not important though, I’ve discovered that I really don’t like the business side of blogging all that much. This coming year, I want to focus on making great content.

I really missed the WordPress.com platform with its easy reader and friendly community of people. Therefore, I will be back to blogging here, hopefully under my domain A Writer Cooks, if I can get it to work.

I have a lot of great blog posts planned, so if you’re not already, please subscribe. I’ll be posting a ton of book reviews and delicious recipes along with some lifestyle posts. 2017 is hopefully going to be a great year.

8 thoughts on “Writer Style/A Writer Cooks WordPress.com Edition is Back!

  1. I am curious to know more about your experience with moving your website… I had considered doing it myself last year, but really ended up just being too lazy to try anything out… I am re-considering it now, but am also just thinking of moving to a paid wordpress account to get myself a domain and leave it at that. What were the biggest pros and cons for coming back to wordpress?

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    1. It was pretty easy because I was first moving from wordpress.com to a wordpress.org site, and then I just moved back from that wordpress.org site, so I just did an export/import thing as far as the actual moving went.

      Since I already owned my domain, I decided to renew it for another year, and I did upgrade to the lowest paid wordpress.com account so I could use it.

      The biggest con to coming back to wordpress.com is a loss of all of the features and plugins, like I had a recipe plugin where it was all nice and neat and easy to make recipe posts where here I have to write some simple code to format it. I also can’t run paid ads, but that wasn’t really working out for me too much anyway so I don’t miss it.

      The biggest pro to wordpress.com is really the community. It’s really easy to subscribe to blogs and have everyone you’re subscribed to in a nice neat reader. There’s no easy subscribe button on your own site, and I made an email list but no one ever joined it. I don’t really blame them, I don’t think I’ve ever joined one either. It’s just really easy to get people to read and like your blog on here, where you have to drive traffic on an independent site.

      Also, almost forgot, a huge pro for wordpress.com is that it’s a lot cheaper even with the paid plan. It was going to cost more than $100 a year to host my site somewhere else, paid up front, and that may or may not include a domain.

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      1. Thanks for all the info! I was leaning toward a paid wordpress account instead of my own hosting, but I think you may have just convinced me that is the way to go. I don’t plan on making money off my blog, but I’d like to have my own web address…

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      2. From what I’ve seen, you have to be like really really serious about blogging to make money off it. Most people aren’t making the money off views, it’s sponsored posts, selling ebooks, selling online courses, crafts and printables, they’re putting a ton of effort into it. It seems like way too much trouble.

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