Weekly Pinterest Roundup


This sums up my writing so well. I have story ideas in my head but they don’t exist, so I have to write them for myself.

Writer’s rulebook, such great advice!

A great idea for my meal planning notebook I’m working on.


I adore plaid full skirts!

I pin a lot of dresses but don’t actually wear many in real life. But this one is amazing.

Love this color combo.


Mustard Greens, Shrimp and Anchovy Pasta. I’m very interested in trying anchovies.


This spinach rice looks so delicious.

I like this alternative to mashed potatoes. Don’t tell my husband it’s beans!

Health and Fitness:

I’ve been doing these three workouts for a week or so, they’re super easy to fit in just a few minutes of exercising in your day.

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