Meal Plan — September 19

Finally, we’re all mostly unpacked and things are getting back to normal! I only made two meals last week, we’ve been eating out or eating with my parents a lot this past week. My kitchen isn’t quite in order, but I’m working on it. I went from a small kitchen with 9 cabinets and about 6 drawers to a larger kitchen with 3 drawers and 9 cabinets. While my cabinets are larger now, I don’t really have more room to put things.

Over the weekend we painted the cabinets, doors and drawers white, so those all have to be reinstalled soon. I’ll be excited to show you a before and after once it’s done.

Today is my birthday, and I had to spend the morning at our old place waiting to turn the keys in. And now I have to work and do other things that I would normally do before lunch. Nothing special is going on for my birthday except my husband is taking me to Ikea next weekend, since I’ve been wanting to go forever.

I went grocery shopping for the first time at the Shaw’s close to our new house and I was so lost. In our old store, the jelly was in the middle of the store with the oils and canned fruit. In this store, it’s on the very last aisle across from the dairy, and with the bread. It’s going to take some getting used to. I also have an Aldi to visit and a second grocery chain to check out when they have a good sale.

Without further ado, the meal plan:

Baked Ravioli — Easy and quick to put together, perfect for the first meal in our new house. Free from stock.

Pasta and Sausage — While moving, I realized I had tons of frozen vegetables, so this is a recipe to use some of them up. Only bought some milk and chicken stock.

Green Pepper Casserole — A staple for us, something easy I can just pop into the oven. Free from stock.

Shrimp and Vegetables — Normally make this with spinach, but I’m going to try some other vegetables this time. Bought shrimp.

Stir Fry — My husband is not going to be happy with how many vegetables we’re eating this week, but it’s a good way to detox and get back on track after eating bad food for a week. Bought tofu.

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