Moving and a Fish Cake

Before I talk about moving, I want to talk about this cake. Back in June I made my very first cake(s) for our twin nephews who were turning 1. Another birthday rolled around for another nephew, turning 14, and my mother-in-law asked me to make a cake for him. He likes to fish, so he wanted a fish cake. With only that direction, I took to Pinterest for inspiration, and came up with this.

It was way easier than it looks. I made one 9×13 chocolate cake (his request) and cut out the middle in a football shape. I then placed two corners at the top and bottom for the fins, and two at the end for a tail. The fins and tail are not connected in any way. Then, I frosted it.

I used the same 6-minute buttercream recipe that I made for the Elmo cakes, and used a green gel food coloring to color it green.

Supplies needed to frost this fish cake:

  • One batch of buttercream frosting (dyed the color of your choice)
  • White frosting
  • Black frosting (for these I used the premade stuff in a bag you can buy with cake decorating supplies)
  • One piping bag
  • One coupler
  • One number 12 tip
  • One spreader of some sort (I used a butter knife, a frosting spatula would work much better)
  • One spoon (or a thin frosting spatula)

Chill the baked cake then cut it into shape. Place colored frosting in a piping bag with number 12 tip and pipe all over the cake generously. Spread to cover.

Once the cake is covered well in frosting, you can chill it further or just proceed to pipe the details. Place a few large dots of frosting near the tail of the fish, about quarter-sized, then using the spoon or spatula, pull the dot towards the head of the fish, as demonstrated in the picture below. Click the picture for more pictures and instructions.

Continue to dot frosting and spread them towards the head, staggering them as in the picture above. Once you’ve reached the head of the fish, stop and spread the rest of the frosting to blur the line there a bit.

Add the eye of the fish with some black and white frosting (or whatever colors you wish). You can also outline the fins like I did, but I was just trying to use the frosting up. Add whatever other details you like.

Voila, fish cake!

I can’t wait to get moved. We’re getting the carpet installed on Wednesday, moving some stuff over, and then the movers are coming on Thursday morning for our furniture and boxes.

I didn’t make a meal plan for this week, as I really didn’t want to go food shopping. Since we only need about two meals, I’ll be throwing some together from my pantry and freezer. The benefits of stocking up!

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