Meal Plan – September 6

We got the house! This week has been insane. We closed on Wednesday and spent this entire past long weekend working. We painted three whole rooms and touched up some others. I painted my kitchen yellow and the two bedrooms an aqua blue. The living room and all common areas are white, so we found a matching color and touched up places, including a section of wall that had been replaced and was just drywall.

My husband and dad plan on opening the wall of the laundry room to fix the vents, and when they replace the wall I’ll be painting that as well, along with the bathrooms eventually. The bathrooms will also get facelifts eventually as well.

We got a new fridge and dishwasher because they were both original 80s basically, but the stove was decently new. The kitchen faucet got replaced and one of the bathroom faucets drips and needs to be fixed. There are a lot of little things that need to be done still but other than the carpet and dishwasher being delivered, we’re pretty much ready to move in.

Last Week’s Meals:

Sunday Night: Double Delicious Pasta. One of my favorite dishes, the addition of sausage makes it a lot more hearty and nutritious.


Monday Night: Green Pepper Casserole. Such an easy dish, and delicious. I adore green peppers.

Tuesday Night: Shrimp and Rice. I was going to make shrimp and orzo, but I decided to go for rice and add some edamame as well.

Thursday Night: Brown Sugar Baked Chicken. Forgot to take a picture of this one, but it was pretty good. I marinated it for a few hours before baking and it was moist and tasty. I served it with baked potatoes.

This Week:

Since it’s a short week already, I only have three dishes for the week. I tried to keep the costs down by using a lot of stuff I already had on hand.

Chicken Parmesan Rice  — A simple dish, I’m really excited to try this. Meal cost for the week: $3.07 for chicken. I already had all other ingredients.

Sausage and Scallop Skillet — I bought some scallops a week or two ago and got some sausage this week. Limited meals for the week means I can double up on meat. Meal cost for the week: $3.66

Hamburger Helper Copycat — This is from a cookbook I’ll be featuring later on. All I had to buy was celery, so it worked out perfectly. Meal cost for the week: $4.78

Total meal cost for the week: $11.51, but I can use the chicken for other meals as well and the celery.

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