Meal Plan – August 29

This Wednesday, we’re closing on our new house! I can’t wait to get started renovating and have lots of before and after pictures to post! We’re hoping to move in in less than a month, so we have to work fast. Pretty soon I’ll be able to set up a picture-taking area with some better light, so these food posts will have better pictures.

Last Week’s Meals:

Sunday Night: Sausage and Quinoa. This is my favorite dish with quinoa yet. Cooking it in chicken stock really helps cut down the bitter taste.

Monday Night: Chicken Stroganoff. I have to work on my sauces, they often don’t thicken up like they should. But this was a tasty dish.

Tuesday Night: Tilapia and Rice. I marinated the fish for about half an hour before cooking. It helped, and tasted good, but we’re just not the biggest fans of fish like this. The rice was good though, plain rice with broccoli and edamame.

Wednesday Night: Taco Skillet. This was delicious, as most dishes with meat, vegetables and rice are. I could have gone a little heavier on the spices, I only used one tablespoon of my homemade taco seasoning blend.

Thursday Night: Ravioli with a Vino Cream Sauce. I saved the best for last, mainly because I was intimidated. This was absolutely delicious, and you can see how thick and creamy my sauce turned out. This was my first time cooking with wine, I will definitely continue.


This Week:

Two Timing Pasta — This is an old favorite dish of ours (mine more than my husband’s) because it’s simple, fast and so so delicious. This week (made it Sunday night) I added some chopped up sausage to it. Meal cost for this week: $4.68

Shrimp and Orzo — I’m making this with some frozen asparagus this week. Just need to pick up some feta cheese at Aldi at some point this week. Meal cost for this week: $0.79 for a lemon, negligible cost for olive oil I stocked up on. I stocked up on shrimp last week.

Brown Sugar Chicken — Just a basic baked chicken recipe. No idea of the source. Will probably serve it with mashed or baked potatoes. Meal cost for the week: <$3.49 for (a bag of) potatoes.

Green Pepper Casserole — Another old favorite dish for being easy and nutritious.  Meal cost for this week: $1.45

Portabella Stroganoff — A second stroganoff recipe to use up my egg noodles and sour cream from last week. This will probably get bumped if I end up not making dinner on Wednesday because we’re too busy with house stuff. Meal cost for this week: $0.79

Total for this week’s dinners: $11.20

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