Weekly Pinterest Roundup

Inspirational Stuff:

I love the way this bullet journal’s weekly day is set up, and drew inspiration from it for my own bullet journal.

This is great writing inspiration, and the reason I started writing in the first place. I wanted to make someone else feel the way my favorite author, L. M. Montgomery, made me feel.

I need some inspiration to jumpstart my writing again. This might help.



This is a great way to look at your wardrobe so you have something for every occasion. For example, if you have three pairs of flats, have a plain pair, a statement pair, and an in-between pair. Repeat for all types of clothing.

This dress is gorgeous, one of my favorite colors, and I love the watch and style of shoe too, except not the color.

I love how simple this outfit is and how easy it would be to put together.

I love everything about this look: the full skirt, the blouse, the cardigan, the shoes, the hair.


These look absolutely delicious and I need a use for the cardamom I have in the cabinet.

I don’t usually combine meats, like ground turkey and shrimp, but this sounds like a delicious dish.


We’re going to have a lot of work to do once we get our house, this is a really cute way to outline what needs to be done.

Everyone needs to clean more, and this looks like an idea to make a sort of game out of it.

The house we’re buying has a tiny little laundry closet and I really want to make it look more homey and organized.

I adore card catalogs, this is a way to turn a small entertainment center into a lookalike! It doesn’t have drawers, but it has the look.

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