Meal Plan – August 22

I’m switching things up a bit to not focus on what I buy, but instead on what I cook. My meal plan always felt like an afterthought of my grocery posts, and this blog isn’t about that. Now these posts will revolve around the meals I made the previous week, what I changed, and what I’m making this week.

Last week:

Sunday Night: General Tso’s Chicken. This recipe wasn’t good. It was very wet, probably should have cooked the breaded chicken before putting it in sauce. The taste was good though, and I used a green onion garnish for the first time, which was delicious.

Monday Night: Garlic Style Shrimp. Another not great recipe from the same source. The sauce was very salty and didn’t have much flavor. My husband didn’t like it at all and didn’t finish his dinner, but did end up eating more later when he was hungry. Way too much fish sauce. Green onions improved it though.

Tuesday Night: Orzo Skillet. Always a favorite dish of ours, it always turns out well and is always delicious.

Wednesday Night: Simply Great Pork. I had Honey and Soy Pork on my meal plan but I changed it last minute because I really didn’t have enough honey. Coating the pork chops in brown sugar and Italian dressing mix is always a great and easy dinner option.

Thursday Night: Smoked Sausage and Rice. Very simple dish, with some sausage, some rice and frozen vegetables. Can’t really go wrong there. Instead of adding cheese, I cooked it with some Turkey and Cheese sausage, where cheddar cheese oozes out. It was definitely good. Instead of just adding broccoli, I used a frozen veggie mix with broccoli, carrots, beans, red peppers and chickpeas.

Friday Night: Pizza Night. I often make a homemade pizza on Fridays and this week I made a pizza with almond flour crust, from the cookbook I worked on. It wasn’t terrible, the crust was pretty thick and kind of tasted like cornbread.


This week:

Sausage and Quinoa — I’m not generally a fan of quinoa. I get a bitter taste often, and it just doesn’t have the taste and texture of rice. But this dish cooks it in chicken stock, which made it much better. I cooked this on Sunday night, with some frozen broccoli and a can of chickpeas. Total meal cost this week: $2.49 for the sausage.

Chicken Stroganoff — This is a new dish this week. I had mushrooms left over from last week, and I bought a large package of chicken thighs. I’m planning on making it Monday night (today). Total meal cost this week: $4.77 for chicken, egg noodles and sour cream.

Taco Skillet — While we don’t like things spicy, I like making light Mexican food every once in a while. This is a delicious dish with some taco seasoning, ground turkey, bell peppers and spinach. Total meal cost this week: $3.29 for the ground turkey, still need to buy bell peppers at Aldi.

Baked Marinated Tilapia with Broccoli Edamame Rice — We love shrimp, but we’re generally not big fish people. I made some salmon a few weeks back and despite everyone raving about how delicious salmon is, we weren’t really fans. I’ll eat it on my sushi though! This week I’m going to try marinating the fish before cooking and see if that improves the taste. Total meal cost this week: $3.39 for frozen tilapia.

Ravioli with Creamy Vino SauceI adore ravioli but my husband gets sick of it easily, and I was looking for something a little out of the box to try this week. So I’m going to attempt a cream sauce to pour over the ravioli. We’ll see how it turns out. Total meal cost for the week: $5 for ravioli, whipping cream, and mozzarella cheese.

Total for this week’s dinners: $16.45

This week in my grocery shopping I also concentrated on snacks for my husband (of course) and lunches for me. Last week I ate some tuna on crackers for lunch, which isn’t the worst, but I could have done better. So I bought some veggie burgers at Aldi for when I need them, and sardines and an avocado for avocado toast (already gone).


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