Weekly Pinterest Roundup

Welcome to a new weekly post on my blog where I feature some great stuff I’ve found on Pinterest during the week. Click on each picture to head to the source!

Inspirational Stuff:

I love this creative layout for the bullet journal, it really inspires me to make mine look better.

This is the story of my life, considering I’m an editor.

Some good writing advice.


I love this makeup and hair look together.

I really like how all of these outfits are like business casual but are still stuff I would probably wear.

My husband and I have been binge watching The Office, and I adore Erin’s style. I wish there was more of her on Pinterest.


I have leftover frosting from the cakes I made a couple of months ago, this seems like a great idea to use it.

I love spinach, I love grilled cheese, how amazing does this look?


So our new house that we’re waiting to close on has these awful cabinets, and I’ve been looking up ways to make them look awesome. Expect a lot of before and after pictures in the coming months!

I adore the look of white cabinets  with silver accents, so this is gorgeous.

And this pantry is so inspiring.


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