Grocery Shopping and Meal Plan – June 27

Whew, all the birthdays are finally over. I made my cookies and my cakes and my cupcakes, those cakes and the frosting took me all weekend! I think they turned out pretty good though, especially for never having made a cake before.

I made four 8-inch cakes that turned out pretty flat, then I leveled the tops and stuck two pairs together with chocolate frosting. Then I drew out the face with premade frosting in white, black and orange. I then made homemade buttercream frosting (using this recipe) and colored it bright red.

Using a grass frosting tip, I covered the rest of the cake in red frosting. For two dozen cupcakes and two cakes, I used one and a half batches of buttercream. I’m pretty impressed with the way they came out and I got rave compliments.

Since I was so busy this week, I completely forgot to make a meal plan again, though I did make a short list of things I needed and were on sale. I guess I’m winging it again this week. Next month we’re taking my mother-in-law to Aldi to show it to her, must spread the word!
Aldi haul:

  • Flour – $1.59
  • Chicken thighs – $4.15
  • Frozen blueberries – $2.19
  • Bread – $1.39
  • Lactose free milk – $2.79
  • Grapes – $2.98
  • Mushrooms – $1.19
  • Greek yogurt – $0.65 each
  • Basil – $0.99
  • Strawberry jelly – $1.79
  • Corned beef – $1.79
  • Crushed tomatoes – $0.95
  • Quick oats – $2.39
  • Milk – $1.49
  • Green peppers – $0.99
  • Protein bars – $3.99
  • Foil – $1.99

Total: $35.90
Shaw’s haul:

  • English muffins – B1G2
  • Orange juice – $3.49
  • Italian ice – B1G1
  • Red pepper – $1.67
  • Scallops – $5.50
  • Blueberries – $0.97 each
  • Rev wraps – $1.50 each
  • Deli cheese – $2.80
  • Deli chicken – $7.34, even though I asked for the turkey that was on sale for $5. I like my deli people but this is a constant issue. I need to check my labels sooner.

Total: 33.62

Total for the week: 69.52

Meal plan:

None! But I have chicken to cook as well as the salmon from last week, plus pasta and some frozen ground turkey. We’ll see how winging it goes for another week. I made Scallops and Orzo on Sunday night.

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