Grocery Shopping and Meal Plan – June 20

I am going to be pretty busy this week! On Wednesday my mother-in-law is picking me up to go to our nephew’s birthday party, and then Sunday is the birthday party for our twin baby nephews. I have to make chocolate chip cookies for the first party and then I’m making two eight-inch cakes and two dozen cupcakes, Elmo themed, for the second party. That’s a ton of baking. And have I mentioned I have never made a cake before?

I mean, I’ve baked one, and I’ve even frosted a cake before. But I have never baked professional-looking cakes with layers and actual decorations before. I made a test run of the cupcakes to practice using a piping bag, and it went really well, so fingers crossed the cakes will turn out good too.

Anyway, on with your regularly scheduled food post!

Aldi haul:

  • Chicken sausage – $2.99
  • Ground turkey – $3.29
  • Gallon of milk – $1.49 (I was going to buy a half gallon, but it was $1.59. What?)
  • Lactose free milk – $2.79
  • Greek yogurt – $0.65 each
  • Orange juice – $2.09 (trying to save money on my husband’s weekly OJ purchase)
  • Strawberry protein bars – $3.99
  • Oatmeal raisin bars – $1.49
  • Butter spray – $1.49 (for cakes)
  • Avocado – $0.79
  • Blueberries – $1.89
  • Frozen salmon – $3.79
  • Bread – $1.39
  • Cereal (for husband) – $1.29
  • Bananas – $0.88

Total: $32.90

I’m upset about this Shaw’s haul. They were running a sale of buying 10 mixed items and getting them all for $0.79 each. As I was reviewing my receipt for this post, I noticed that for some reason, I didn’t get that sale price. I shop very carefully and check price tags and count and I was hoping that I bought enough of the items to qualify, but clearly something went wrong. These items were supposed to be $0.79 each:

  • 2 cans of pineapple chunks – $1 each
  • Pasta – $1
  • Pasta sauce – $1
  • Quinoa – $1.25
  • 5 bags of frozen vegetables – $1 for onions, $1.25 for all others

Rest of haul:

  • English muffins – $2.99
  • Cooking wine – $3.29
  • Orange juice – $3.49
  • Shredded cheese – $0.99 each
  • Corn – $1.50
  • Lemons – $0.75 each (usually $0.69)
  • Deli cheese – $3.02
  • Deli chicken – $5.24
  • Shampoo – $3.34

Total: $37.60

Total for the week: $70.50

I’m glad my total wasn’t too bad despite the sale not applying. That could have been bad. Always check your receipts!

Meal Plan:

Last week without a meal plan went really well actually. After buying all the food I had a loose meal plan in mind, and we ate really well. Last week’s post has been updated with the meals I ended up making.

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