Healthy Speedy Suppers by Katriona MacGregor

This book was released today, May 17, 2016. I received a copy through NetGalley.

This is another great book for those who are new to cooking, need a little inspiration, or maybe they’ve gotten so busy that they don’t think they have time to cook. While the author is a trained cook, she found herself falling into the rut so many other people find themselves in, coming home after a long day and eating convenience food.

Every recipe in the book takes less than an hour, some of them much less. It talks about what ingredients and tools to keep stocked in your kitchen then guides you through different courses (salad, soup, entrees, meat dishes, desserts) to find exactly what you need.

I cooked Turkey Ragu with Pappardelle from the book. It was a familiar dish but is slightly fancier than something I would normally make. I unfortunately didn’t find any pappardelle at my store, so I cooked it with plain spaghetti. I plan on trying again when I can find some.

This dish was very easy to make, all in one dish besides the pasta, and my husband, who is definitely a spaghetti fan, approved.

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