Mid-Week Emergency Aldi Run

I spent half the week snowed in and staying in from the cold. I didn’t have half of the ingredients I needed for any of my weekly meals so I had to get creative. Orzo Skillet one day, Spaghetti, even breakfast for dinner. I finally went yesterday to the new Aldi they opened in my city. Man, was that a pain to get to. We have stupid intersections where you have to turn right and go around a half loop in order to turn left. The GPS didn’t tell me that, just said turn right, so I did, when Aldi was on the left. The new store is nice, besides that.

Anyway, here’s my haul. I didn’t have meals in mind for all of these, so I’m just winging it.

  • Quick oats – $2.39
  • Frozen blueberries – $2.49
  • Cantaloupe – $0.99
  • Grapes – $3.98
  • Rice – $3.49
  • Mushrooms – $1.49
  • Chicken thighs – $4.11
  • Tomato sauce – $0.25 each
  • Corned Beef – $1.79 (cashier charged me twice, boo)
  • Diced tomatoes – $0.55
  • Chickpeas – $0.65
  • Black beans – $0.59
  • Pasta sauce – $0.99
  • Turkey sausage – $1.99

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