Grocery Haul and Meal Plan – March 14

I wore a dress on Friday, because I’m trying to work on my style, so I wore it grocery shopping as well. I had a nice response to it too, as the regular checkout guy at Aldi was much more attentive, asking me about my weekend plans. It’s funny how a simple change can get a different response. The deli guy at Shaw’s I see every week (even if I shop on Saturday!) was a bit friendlier as well.

My Aldi haul:

  • Lactose free milk – $2.79
  • Bread – $1.39
  • Oranges – $1.79
  • Frozen broccoli – $0.99
  • Onions – $0.79 (for the whole bag!)
  • Feta cheese – $1.79 (way cheaper than $4 I usually pay at Shaw’s)
  • Mushrooms – $1.29
  • Turkey sausage – $1.99
  • 28 oz can of diced tomatoes – $1.49 (I could get a better deal, need to stock up on sales)
  • Chickpeas – $0.65
  • Black beans – $0.59
  • 8 oz can of tomato sauce – $0.25

Shaw’s haul:

  • Farfalle pasta – $0.88
  • Free range eggs – $3
  • Sour cream – $1.39 (better deal at Aldi, but I really didn’t need a pound of it)
  • Orange juice (2) – $2.50 each
  • Cookie dough ice cream – $2.99 (very disappointed as this ice cream has corn syrup as one of the first ingredients. Need to always check that. Delicious though)
  •  Shrimp – $3.88
  • Red bell peppers – $1 each (didn’t even really need them this week, chop and freeze)
  • Bananas – $2.22
  • Lemon – $0.69
  • 1 lb of parsnips – $1.99
  • Deli chicken – $8.07

Total of: $47.91

And my menu for the week:

Using lots of things I already have makes dinner a really cheap meal. Each of these meals makes at least 3 and up to 5 or 6 servings.

3 thoughts on “Grocery Haul and Meal Plan – March 14

  1. The low prices of your groceries is impressive and a little depressing… Part of it is that the Canadian dollar is so low, so our prices are way higher, but I think things are just more expensive where I live… Anyway, thanks for sharing your parsnip recipe. I’ve never done any cooking with them, but see them in the store for cheap often. I will maybe add that to my menu this week!


    1. I feel the same way about other people’s grocery hauls, like the ones that can get a ton of berries and vegetables for cheap. I do enjoy the deals I can find. Definitely try the parsnips and let me know how it goes! This is my first time trying them too.


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