Menu Monday – February 15

Happy Valentine’s Day! How was your weekend? We went to see Deadpool on Saturday for our celebration, where I ate way too much in the theater. But more on that at the end.

I’ve decided I really want to get into making cakes and learning how to decorate. Nothing too fancy, just learn how to make nice looking desserts for family parties and stuff with icing. If I pick up supplies and get into it, I’ll make some posts.

This week’s menu:

Today is President’s Day so my husband is off and doesn’t need leftovers today. I made lasagna rolls on Saturday night for dinner and we ate leftovers for dinner on Sunday.

Dinner ingredients came to under $15 this week.

Diet update: Well, I screwed up on Saturday on my low-sugar thing, plus I ate at least half of a medium bag of popcorn. I splurged on some Sour Patch Kids because we never go to movies and ended up eating over half of the bag: the bag that claims to hold 3.5 servings in it. That is disgusting to sell a smallish bag with that many servings, knowing most people would eat the whole thing. No wonder we have a sugar epidemic.

But I got back on the wagon the next day, keeping my sugar low and natural, and will space out the remainder of the candy with my nightly chocolate. I guess everyone needs a cheat day now and then, but I really felt terrible after getting home. I could feel the sugar crash and I was very irritable until dinner, which we ate late to make up for eating so much popcorn.

On Friday when I weighed myself, I was half a pound below my goal weight, so it is nice to see fluctuating weight go lower rather than higher. When I used to weigh myself every morning last month, I yo-yoed at least 4 pounds across the week, up to 5 pounds above my goal weight.

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