Tasty Tuesday – Chicken, Black Beans and Rice

This is a fast and easy weeknight dinner where food prep goes a long long way. If you have shredded chicken on hand, then your dinner is mostly done already. I cooked a chicken last week, shredded it, and made chicken stock out of the bones and froze the extra shredded chicken.

If you have shredded chicken, the longest part of this dinner is cooking up some rice and chopping up an onion and a zucchini. Start your rice before you do anything else.

I rarely cook with a real onion (as opposed to onion powder), but I’m definitely going to start doing it more this year. I made this dish before without an onion or zucchini, and it was very dry and flavorless. The onion gives it so much more depth. Saute your onion and zucchini for five minutes or until soft. Add garlic for a minute or so.

Dump in shredded chicken, a can of black beans, your rice, and seasonings. In this dish, I used cumin, salt and pepper.

Heat it all up and dinner is done! You can’t get much easier than that. Plus it would be easy to customize this with vegetables of your choosing. I bet a green pepper or broccoli would be delicious in this. I also think it would be plenty filling without the rice, if you want to go low-carb.

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