Menu Monday – February 8

Welcome to another snowy week. Can it just stop please? I had to put off going to do the laundry, food shopping, laundry again today because we’re supposed to get a storm… Spring can not come fast enough.

I had to go food shopping on Saturday instead of Friday, and that was a mess. It was filled with people reemerging after the storm and everyone shopping for the Super Bowl. But it’s over and done for the week.

My menu for the week:

Dinner ingredients came out to under $14.

Diet update:

My 21 Day Whole 30ish diet is going really well! I stopped tracking my portions on about day 2 because it was depressing to run out of carbs by breakfast. I have kept my carbs as low as possible though, with only oatmeal, one slice of whole wheat toast (with toppings) instead of a sandwich for lunch, and rice with dinner for the most part.

Besides the carb thing, I have been limiting my processed foods and sugar successfully. The only processed foods I’ve had are jarred pasta sauces with okay ingredients and things like hummus. No desserts except my nightly chocolate piece and no alcohol. I have been eating some more fruits and vegetables.

So far I’ve lost no weight but I’ve maintained the exact weight I started with last Monday. This week I’m going to work out a little more strenuously and see what happens. My goal is mainly to eat healthy, not lose a lot of weight.

So there it is, we’ll see what happens this week.

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