What I Read Wednesday – Harry Potter, The End

I finally finished the series! That took quite a while. Here are my thoughts. Spoilers, for the few of you that might not have read or seen it like I didn’t. I finished the last book on Saturday and we marathoned the last two movies that night.

First of all, a lot was spoiled for me. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. I don’t seek out spoilers, but I read a lot online and sometimes I end up finding out things that are going to happen in TV shows, books and movies. It drives my husband up the wall, but I appreciate the journey regardless. A lot of my spoilers don’t have context either, so I know what’s coming but now how or when.

A recent spoiler I came across was when I clicked on a YouTube video that had something to do with Harry Potter and the first bit of info it said was that Snape is the Half-Blood Prince. I hadn’t started that book just yet, so I had no idea what that title even meant. So I read that book with that piece of information, but not knowing how it was going to play out.

So… the ending.

I can see why people like Snape so much after he’s been such an antagonist for the entire series. I can see it, but I don’t feel the same way. As a writer, his last scenes with the memories seemed like a bit of Rowling writing everything just to tie it up neatly, when not all of it needed to be explained. I appreciate knowing that Dumbledore didn’t die because of others’ plans.

Saying Snape was always on the right side all along and pulling all the strings seemed kind of cheap to me. I would have appreciated a bit more of a tug of war between the good side and the dark side in Snape, that maybe he made a few mistakes along the way but always came back.

I did like in the movie when Dumbledore asked if he had come to care for Harry, and Snape only showed his patronus. I took “After all this time?” and “Always” to mean he never really cared about being on the good side, or cared for Harry, it was always just because he loved Lily and nothing more.

Otherwise the ending was pretty good, complex enough but still got tied up pretty neatly at the end. Good wins over evil, which it should in fiction. I don’t have the closeness to it that other people who grew up with it do, or the closeness that I have with the books I grew up with. It was simply a nice experience, and the writing improved a lot over the course of the books.

2 thoughts on “What I Read Wednesday – Harry Potter, The End

  1. I know what you mean about books you grow up with being so much more important than the very same books read for the first time by someone later in life. I’ve read two of the HP books and have not seen any of the movies. My feeling about the books was that they were clever and engaging, but not magical. Thanks for your perspective!

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