Menu Monday – February 1

New week and new month all in one! Today begins my month of eating better: no processed food, less/no added sugar, more fruits, vegetables and protein. Also no alcohol for a month, but that’s not too difficult for me.

If you read my Fitness Friday post, I’m going to try my best to eat 3 servings of vegetables a day, 2 of fruit, 4 of protein, only 2 of carbs, 1 of fats, and 1 of dressings and seeds. I’m not going to worry too much about the fats servings though, as it includes avocado and milk, and I need more healthy fat and calcium in my diet. I will try to limit my cheese intake though.

My menu for the week:

  • Tortellini Bake – Something nice and simple that makes leftovers.
  • Simply Great Chicken with Pesto Risotto – Tasty Tuesday post, my favorite chicken dish.
  • Smoked Sausage and Potatoes – Hearty and delicious with not much work.
  • Chicken Veggie Curry – I really liked the curry I made last week so I’m branching out into a main dish.
  • Fusilli with Chickpeas – May or may not get used, depending on how much we have leftover. It’s good to plan at least one meal that can be stored for later.

Dinner ingredients only came to about $16 this week.

For lunch and snacks, I’m planning on boiling up some eggs (in the oven!), making spinach patties, and mixing avocado with shredded chicken to make sandwiches.






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