Tasty Tuesday – My First Curry

Indian food isn’t something I’ve had a lot of experience with. I tried it once when I lived in Boston, but I’ve never tried making it. I found some curry powder for a good price so I wanted to try it.

I thought doing a side dish would be a nice way to try it out.

I didn’t have every ingredient required, since I don’t cook with onions and whole ginger. First I sautéed some garlic in olive oil and then added the curry powder with some ground ginger and onion powder. Then I added the spinach with a little water to steam, before adding chickpeas and tomato sauce.

It was a little bit watery because I didn’t have enough chickpeas, so I mixed in some rice.

Since the side dish was so flavorful, I decided to serve it with some baked herbed chicken. I really really liked the curried chickpeas, but it was the strangest thing, I took one bite and was reminded of Spaghetti-Os. My husband agreed, but we both liked it. I definitely want to make another curry dish soon.

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