Thrifty Thursday – Solo Shopping Wins Again

My husband has decided he’d rather not go grocery shopping anymore, so it’s now left to me. That’s not a bad thing though, we definitely save a lot of money and stick closer to the list when I shop alone. I also don’t feel rushed, he likes to make it like a race to go as quickly as possible. The main benefit to taking him with me is that he can navigate the deli counter while I continue shopping, and he can pick out his own snacks.

I went to two stores this week because we still had a gift card to another store.

First store:

  • Face wash – $3.99
  • Shampoo – $0.99
  • Grapes – $3.49 lb
  • Two cans of chickpeas – $0.89 each

Regular grocery store:

  • Bread – $2.50 down from $4.29
  • Sardines – $0.80; I tried sardines for the first time on toast with avocado, so amazing! Definitely going to be a regular lunch.
  • Coffee – $2.50 down from $3.49
  • Pasta sauce – $1.77; stocking up for later meals.
  • Quick oats – $2.99 down from $3.99
  • Frozen blueberries – $2.99 down from $3.29
  • Frozen tortellini – 2 bags, $3.34 each
  • Shrimp – $3.99; This is my stock-up price, I should start buying two when it’s this price.
  • Brussels sprouts – $2.99 for a package of already cut ones.
  • Green and red bell pepper – $1.99 and $2.99 a pound respectively.
  • Spinach – $2 down from $2.99
  • Organic bananas – $2.01
  • Lemon – $0.69
  • Avocado – $1.25
  • Turkey sausage – $3.49; These were on sale almost every week last year but so far this year, no sales.
  • Deli ham – $3.43
  • Orange juice – $3.29 each for 2
  • Milk – normal price is up to $2.19, not cool
  • Toilet paper – $4.99 for 12

We saved $15 or 20% of the bill. I saved on the bell pepper with $0.25 and $0.50 rebates, and a $0.25 rebate on pasta sauce.

5 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday – Solo Shopping Wins Again

  1. Haha! I agree with the “race” part.. My husband ended up leaving me in the makeup isle while he do the shopping.. I am not a fan of grocery shopping at all.. But beauty and clothes shopping?? Ohhh yeaahh.. Hahahah great savings girl!

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    1. Thanks! My husband doesn’t like doing the actual shopping part, he just pushes the cart and pushes me along. He has access to the list but I’m the one that knows what we need exactly so he lets me do it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We are the total opposite.. The moment we walked in to Walmart right away I go straight to the makeup isle.. Hahahaha I should start learning how to grocery shop.. Haha

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