Tasty Tuesday – Orange Chicken

I’ve been wanting to make a home version of orange chicken forever. It’s my favorite dish to get when we eat Chinese/Japanese food (unless they serve sushi, then sorry orange chicken, sushi wins). I found a recipe that didn’t seem too complicated or require specialty ingredients like orange extract.

I served it with roasted Brussels sprouts. We’ve given them a few tries so far in different ways but I don’t think we are going to be eating them again sadly. I wanted to like them but nope.

Sautéed the chicken until almost cooked. I just realized I forgot to season the chicken. I also made some couscous and mixed up the sauce. Once the chicken is about done, I poured in the sauce.

Overcooked? They didn’t taste bad or burnt at least. They just tasted like Brussels sprouts.

Finished chicken with thickened sauce.

Plated on top of couscous with Brussels sprouts.

It wasn’t terrible, and it really tasted like orange chicken. I think it needs some tweaks. Less honey probably, 1/2 cup is a bit much. I possibly needed more chicken. The Brussels sprouts weren’t bad when mixed with the chicken and sauce.

Recipe I used here.

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