Thrifty Thursday – Oops! Over Budget!


It happens to everyone, especially near the holidays. When it does, just enjoy your abundance of food and learn for next time. We ended up spending more than $100 this week, which we’ve done maybe only once or twice before.

Here are some of the issues I ran into this week:

  • Unplanned purchase of toothpaste and floss: $6.49
  • Unplanned purchase of natural jelly, not on sale: $3.49
  • Toilet paper, planned but could have gotten a better deal elsewhere: $7.99, on sale from $9.99
  • Under-budgeted for orange juice and husband bought two: $5.98
  • Unplanned purchase of ice cream: $3.49
  • Didn’t find the sale on ground turkey: paid $3.99, budgeted for $2.88
  • Unplanned purchase of grapes because husband wanted a healthier snack: $5.98
  • No dinner was planned for Friday, so instead of ordering out, we bought a prepared meal from the grocery store: $4

Total extra cost, taking what I budgeted for into account: $28.55. That’s an entire week’s normal dinner budget.

So what can I do to save this money in the future?

  • Stock up on toothpaste and floss when it’s on sale.
  • Stock up on jelly when it’s on sale.
  • Go to Costco for toilet paper.
  • Budget appropriately for orange juice because it’s a staple purchase. I think my shopping list app messed up on this one.
  • Either budget for the ice cream or shop alone (probably the latter).
  • Look harder for the sales.
  • Shop alone. Or, because grapes are a good snack, stock up on staples so we have extra money for grapes.
  • Stock up so I have ingredients to whip up something on the days I don’t plan dinner. The prepared meal wasn’t even good (not that we expected it to be). We saved money on a meal out, but still wasted money.
  • We also spent a lot on produce this week, which added to the budget.

I felt even worse about our budget when I finally got the chance to check out the new Aldi in my hometown. I paid $1 for diced tomatoes only to find them there for around $0.59. My mom offered to pick stuff up for me weekly there so I’ll definitely be taking advantage of that.

Other purchases:

  • Breadcrumbs: $1.25
  • Organic diced tomatoes: $1
  • Chickpeas: $1 (same Aldi problem, saw them for around $0.59)
  • Coffee: $3.34
  • Jarred pasta sauce: $1.67
  • English muffins: B1G2 this week, great deal!
  • Greek yogurt: $1 each
  • Butter: $2.99. I have no idea what’s going on with the price of butter there, this didn’t seem to be the sale price.
  • Lactose free milk: Definitely cheaper at Aldi
  • Eggs: $2.99 for a dozen
  • Frozen okra: $1.99
  • Frozen tortellini: $3.34 down from $3.39, I’m sure I could find a better deal.
  • Chicken thighs: $1.59/lb, Aldi will be running a $0.49/lb sale next week.
  • Shrimp: $3.99. Stock up price, need to buy 2 at once.
  • Tofu: $1.99
  • Spinach: $2, under budget but I could find a better deal.
  • Pomegranate: still $2.50!
  • Mangoes: $1.25 each, $0.59 at Aldi
  • Mushrooms: $1.50
  • Green pepper: $0.91
  • Turkey sausage: $2.50

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