My Key to Surviving 2016 – Bullet Journal

You’ve possibly seen these before. I stumbled across these on Pinterest and fell in love. I’m not the most organized person ever, even though I make a ridiculous amount of lists. I’ve tried countless apps to organize my life and keep up with my habits. Finally, everything is in one place, neat and organized, and I’ve been getting so much done!

For an in-depth look at how it is done, check out the official website and the video explaining it. For now, here’s mine.

I’m using a heavy-duty spiral bound notebook that my husband brought me from work. It’s nothing fancy, just a dark red with the name of the college he works for on the front.

The index and page numbers are key. You number each page as you get to it and log it in the index. Then, when you need to find your Christmas list, you can turn to the index and find that it is on page 18.

Next is my future log. I only made it for 2016 months so I haven’t had much use of it so far, except to mark down the date of my good friend’s wedding under April. When April comes around, I can check out my future log and write down her wedding in the proper spot in my monthly log. And, of course, it’s good for marking anniversaries and birthdays.

This is my monthly log for December. Write down all the days of the month down the side with the day of the week next to them, and mark important events. I wrote down events like shopping and a concert (both didn’t happen), plus Christmas, New Years and what days I needed my baking to be done by.

On the other side is my habit tracker. I wrote down things I want to make a habit off and I color in a box for every day I complete it, like exercising, taking my vitamins and reading before bed. I’ve been pretty good about doing most things. The Xs are for my planned exercise rest days, on Sundays.

This is what my weekly and daily spreads look like. On my weekly pages, I mark down the dates, my meal plan, my cleaning chart, my planned blog posts, and what I’m reading. It can also be weekly specific like for all of the Christmas baking I need to do.

On my daily pages, I write down the day of the week, the date, and all of the tasks I need to do. I also have a cute little countdown to Christmas on the side. I’m still working on how I want this to look, plus I change up the color of the divider and date box for each week.

There you have it. This is how I’m planning out my next year, I think I’m going to keep up with it unlike every app I’ve tried. There is so much freedom to do whatever you want, like making a page for a wishlist, reading list, list of goals, anything you like, while also providing a bit of structure.

Have you ever heard of a bullet journal? Do you keep one?

6 thoughts on “My Key to Surviving 2016 – Bullet Journal

  1. I guess I’ve seen some examples of bullet journals, and I have heard of them, but I had never been to their website, or checked out the details… This makes my little list making brain very happy… I may just have to go grab myself a notebook and start one for myself… Fun!


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