Thrifty Thursday – Savings of over $30!

For some reason, this week I managed to stay around the budget I planned for, while still adding random things to the basket. I love when things work out that way. Of course, I help it along by going, “Do I really need this this week?” But it’s really nice to see that “You Saved” total at the bottom of the receipt.

Good news! Well, kind of. The powers that be put an Aldi in my hometown! Of course, I no longer live there, but I visit my parents weekly to do our laundry. The bad part is that it’s on the other side of town from where they live and my route home. I’ll definitely have to check it out because they had pomegranates for $0.79 each! And 8 oz of mushrooms, also $0.79!

Here’s what I got for just over $60.


  • Oranges – Giant navel oranges were on sale for $0.97 a pound this week. I only got two because I wasn’t sure how much it would cost, but they ended up being only $1.63
  • Pomegranate – My store is still running a $2.50 pomegranate sale so I’ll keep buying them! This makes me really disappointed that Aldi isn’t closer.
  • Spinach – Another meh deal. $2.50 for a bag.
  • Lemon – I already had one but needed two, so I picked up one for only $0.69.
  • Mushrooms – $1.50 for 8 oz, down from $1.59. What a bargain… Especially when I see those Aldi prices.
  • Bananas – These were on sale this week so we paid $1.01 for a bunch of organic ones! My husband likes them because he likes to buy them as green as possible.
  • Tofu – $1.99 down from $2.50


  • Scallops – They’re often on sale for $6 for a bag, but this week they were $4.99
  • Frozen tilapia – We just finished off the last bag of these we bought, so it was super convenient that it was on sale again for $3.99. That’s down from $9.99!
  • Turkey sausage – $2.99 again, I love this sale.

Other foods:

  • The good bread was B1G1 this week! So were English muffins! So we only paid $8.98 for two packages of English muffins and two loaves of really good bread.
  • Quick oats – Not on sale; $3.99. I popped into the store a week or two ago for something and saw it on sale for $2.99, I should have grabbed it then.
  • Black beans – I can often find canned beans for $1
  • Orzo – $1 down from $1.34
  • 28 oz of diced tomatoes – My store was running a coupon for just a few days for a FREE can of a certain brand of tomatoes. It was so convenient that I needed one this week.
  • Soy sauce – running low, not on sale. $2.99
  • Frozen broccoli – $1.25 down from $1.50
  • Hummus – $2.50 down from $2.99
  • Milk – normal price, $1.99 for half gallon
  • Orange juice – long-running sale for $2.50 down from $3.29. I hope this never ends.
  • Deli cheese – $2.91 for half a pound.

Other stuff:

  • Cheetos – B1G1; I don’t count this as food, it’s a snack for my husband.
  • Body wash – $2, shampoo – $1, deodorant – $3.29 – Definitely things to look for coupons on.

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