Thrifty Thursday – Just a Little at a Time

Making a stockpile is one of my major goals for next year. While you have to spend money upfront to save money later, there are ways to only spend a little at a time to fit stockpiling into your budget.

Try allotting just $5 a week to stocking up. This could be $5 worth of rice or canned beans, or you can spread it out a bit more. Try just doubling up on what you’re already buying for the week if it’s something you use a lot of. This is especially good if you don’t have a lot of room in your house to store food. You can at least save money on the following week’s groceries, leaving you a few extra dollars to… stock up some more.

Here are some deals I found this week.

  • Diced tomatoes – I didn’t know these were on sale this week so I was pleasantly surprised to find them at $0.88 each this week. I bought two cans when I needed one.
  • Ragu pasta sauce – This was $1.67, so I should have bought two jars, one to use another time.
  • Whole wheat pasta – This wasn’t on my meal plan but when I saw it was $1 a box, I grabbed one. If I find it for less than $1, I will definitely grab more than one.
  • Bread – This week the store brand was $2.50, that’s always a good deal. If I wanted to spend all $5 on bread, I could get two loaves.
  • Peanut butter – When you don’t eat Jif or Skippy, peanut butter can get expensive. Luckily it’s on ongoing sale for a while, $2.50 down from $3.49
  • Greek yogurt – My favorite was on sale for $0.88 so I grabbed enough to eat once a day for the whole week. I don’t bother buying it when it’s regular price, $1.19.
  • Shredded cheese – I stopped buying the giant five pound bags from Costco for like $15. Instead, I grab the smaller bags when they’re on sale, like this week for $1.77. This would be a good thing to buy two of if you use a lot of it weekly. I’ve been trying to cut back.
  • Ground turkey – Another thing to avoid Costco for. It was on sale for $3.99, while it’s over $4 a pound at Costco. It’s a good thing to buy two of and freeze one for later.
  • Bell peppers – I love when they sell a big package of six peppers for $5. If you do the math, you probably don’t save a lot, but they can get somewhat expensive.
  • Pomegranate – Luckily still in season and still $2.50. Love it.
  • Mango – I’ve never eaten a whole mango before, so when it was $0.99, I jumped at the chance to try something new.
  • Turkey sausage – I’m lucky that my store stocks several varieties, there always seems to be one on sale every week. This one was $2.99 down from $4.49

Not so good deals/Weekly purchases

  • Spinach – This was not a good deal. I can regularly buy a bag for $1, but it was $2 this week. I hope to use it all up and not have to throw any out this week.
  • Jelly – The natural variety is $3.49 regularly and we always seem to run out when it’s not on sale. Definitely something to grab more of in the future.
  • Toilet paper – A necessary evil. I had to choose between a 12 pack of my favorite and a 6 double-roll pack of another. The former was $10 and the other was on sale for $5.29. The bigger pack definitely would have saved money but I was thinking short term on my grocery budget.
  • Orange juice, milk, lactose-free milk – These are harder to stock up on because they’re either highly perishable or take up a lot of room, plus you need them weekly so they’re not always on sale. This is where saving money in your budget by stocking up is beneficial.

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