Harry Potter and the Future of Wednesdays

It’s only the beginning of December and I already surpassed my reading goal for the year by a few books. Reading and reviewing books has been a great learning experience this year, and I especially enjoy getting to read books before they come out.

Next year I’m going to change things up a bit though. I set too hectic of a pace this year for scheduling books to read and review and haven’t had any time to just read for pleasure.

I’m going to cut way down on the NetGalley books I read because I was choosing any and all that sounded interesting, and ended up with quite a few that while they were good, they just didn’t speak to me.

This coming year I want to focus more on my writing and revisit some old friends, books that inspired me to write in the first place. I probably won’t be doing quite as many full book reviews, but I definitely want to check in every Wednesday to share my thoughts on writing and whatever I’m currently reading.

Also on the agenda is to finish the Harry Potter series as my husband has been nagging at me to do. I’m in the middle of Order of the Phoenix right now, so just over halfway through the series.

My honest opinion on Harry Potter is that I like it, but I don’t love it.

A big part of that is, I’m sure, because I didn’t read it as a kid, when it was new. I’m reading it as an adult with thousands of books behind me and also from a writer’s perspective. The setting is magical and the world-building is incredible, but I just can’t like Harry.

Pretty much every book suffers from having a main character that is the Main Character. Everything happens to him because that’s what the book is about, events that involve this one character.

He is saying all the time that he doesn’t want the attention that comes with his reputation, he just wants to be ‘normal’ but it is clear he enjoys the perks it gives him. He expects to be treated differently. When Ron and Hermione become prefects, he is put out that he didn’t get that honor because he did all this stuff for the school and he’s clearly favored by Dumbledore.

I’m probably reading too much into these books, but it just irritates me that he’s handed everything in life and gets away with breaking rules all over the place. It’s typical for a main character, it just seems to be a bit too much in my opinion. At least it seems to be lampshaded a bit in the story.

Just my thoughts about the series halfway through.

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