Menu Monday – November 2

Halloween is thankfully over. Now the holiday season begins! I want to do the majority of my holiday shopping this month though I know my husband is going to drag me out all through December because he likes doing his shopping last minute.

He even makes me go out on Black Friday even though I’m basically morally opposed to it from working in retail so long. We will not shop on Thanksgiving though. All stores should be closed so employees can spend time with their families or at least have time off if they don’t want to celebrate.

Mini rant over, here’s my meal plan for the week.

  • Shrimp Stir Fry – I always use chicken or tofu in my normal stir fries, so I thought I’d try shrimp for once.
  • Tortellini Bake – Bake tortellini in a mixture of tomato and alfredo sauce, delicious.
  • Hummus Chicken with mashed potatoes – Delicious chicken and an excuse to buy hummus to snack on. Win-win.
  • Turkey Goulash – I substitute okra for zucchini and add chickpeas.
  • Lemon Garlic Tilapia with Risotto – I have two leftover frozen tilapia fillets to use up for this. I’m also trying a no-stir oven risotto for my first try. I do want to make one on the stove as well.

Dinner ingredients were around $20.

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