Fashion Friday – Lip Collection and Swatches

I started this little project for myself, to see what I own and what each one looks like, but I thought I’d share it for Fashion Friday. I divided them by the main color I felt they all were, Natural, Red, Pink or Purple, even though most of them don’t look that way on. If you want more information about any of these products or additional swatches, please leave me a comment.

 photo Naturals2_zpsglipkjwl.jpg
Naturals group. The picture below is of the swatches, top to bottom in the same order, with each name. All of my orange toned lip products are in this group.

 photo Naturals_zpsvoiehy1u.jpg
Sorbet is the most sheer I own, while it is bright orange in the package. Honeycrisp is the most skin tone colored lipstick I own.

 photo Reds2_zpsjrzizqws.jpg
The Reds group. I wore the farthest left gloss at my wedding because it was the only thing I could find that wouldn’t transfer.

 photo Reds_zpstbtt3jrr.jpg
Chic Red obviously looks red in the package, but is somewhat pinkish on. Some of these should be in the naturals group.

 photo Pinks2_zpsxpcvo86i.jpg
The Pinks group. It’s small but a lot of the products in other categories should be in this one.

 photo Pinks_zpsi8kivb7a.jpg
Some of the previous ones wouldn’t wash off.

 photo Purples2_zpstd6vj3xo.jpg
The Purples group. A lot of these are technically pink, but I consider them to have purple undertones when I wear them. More of a magenta I guess.

 photo Purples_zpstj6rr4pp.jpg
I was most disappointed by the last three. I’m in the market for a purple lipstick and these are far more pink than I wanted. Thalia is the lipstick I wear when I want a very light purple tone.

I hope you enjoyed a tour of my collection. I mainly did this because I’m a little addicted to buying lipstick and a lot of them end up the same color. I hoped I’d see what I already have so I wouldn’t buy more of the same. If you have recommendations for a good purple lipstick or even a more coral/orange one, please let me know.

27 lip products isn’t too bad, right? Do I have a problem?

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