What I Read Wednesday – Esther by Rebecca Kanner


This book will be released on November 3, 2015. I received a copy through NetGalley.

Continuing my series of books about historical/biblical women with Bathsheba and Delilah, here is Esther. She was written as the young Jewish girl who won the heart of a king and ended up saving her people, but here, she is much more than that.

Stolen from her bed one night among hundreds of other young girls to become the king’s concubines, Esther quickly learns how to survive. She hides her religion and who she truly is. She makes unlikely friends with one of the king’s guards, a maidservant and a eunuch, who all want to see her succeed.

Esther prepares to meet the king and convince him she is worthy of being his queen. She charms him with her beauty and her behavior, and she is made queen that same night. But there is a lot of danger that comes with the title. She doesn’t know who she can trust beyond her three friends, and despite the guards watching her every second, several attempts are made on her life.

When Esther learns of a plot to kill all of the Jews, she knows she needs to actively risk her life in order to save her people. She must speak out of line with the king, and reveal her secret. Esther quickly learns that she was chosen for the task specifically, it is her life’s purpose.

This book is rich with intrigue. Even if you know the ultimate ending, you grow to love the characters and hope that things turn out well for them. Like the other books, it gives a voice to characters behind the scenes.

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