Thrifty Thursday – The Beginning of Baking Season

I love the holiday season and the baking that comes with it, but it really adds to my grocery bills. Extra flour, sugar, butter, eggs, plus special items like pumpkin, condensed milk, spices, it all adds up. Not to mention if you’re making the special Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.

It’s definitely a good idea to start stocking up for the season as early as possible. Watch for sales now on things you will need, and grab them up.

I made an apple pie over the weekend to use some of the apples we picked and to fulfill my baking school homework. I made pie crust from scratch, not for the first time, but this method was a bit more frustrating. My bottom crust stuck to the counter and I wasn’t able to roll it over my rolling pin and lay it neatly into the pie tin. My pie filling also didn’t turn out very gooey, but that would probably require cooking it beforehand, and I’m lazy. It was tasty anyway, and I didn’t forget to add butter this time.

I needed butter to make the pie, and I haven’t bought any in a while. I was shocked to find that my normal butter, regularly $2.69, had jumped up to $3.29. Instead, I grabbed some imported butter, like the baking school suggested, on sale for $2.50. Unfortunately it was the equivalent of a little less than two sticks, so I really lost money on that one. But it made my pie crust taste delicious. I’ll either have to bite the bullet and pay extra for my normal butter, or check out Trader Joe’s and see what kinds of deals they have.

Here are some deals I found this week:

  • Toilet paper – trying a different brand that was on sale for $4.99
  • Bread – $2.50
  • Pie tins – 3 for $2.50
  • English muffins – Buy 1 Get 1 sale again
  • Spices – Store brand spices were on sale Buy 1 Get 1 and I hoped to add to my collection with some curry powder or something. But all they had on the sale were ones I already have. So I picked up some garlic powder that I needed and got garlic salt for free, as some recipes call for that instead.
  • Greek yogurt – My favorite brand (Chobani) was on sale for $0.79 each, but I had to buy 12. So I did. It’s a nice healthy snack and I’ll be stocked up for quite a while.
  • Shredded cheese – On sale for $1.77; I wish I could buy blocks to shred myself but the cost just doesn’t seem worth it.
  • Imported butter – $2.50; I may or may not buy this again as I like the quality but the normal price is too high for less than two sticks’ worth.
  • Frozen berries – $2.99
  • Mushrooms – On sale for $1.50 down from $1.59, what savings.
  • Baby spinach – On sale for $1.88
  • 5 lbs of potatoes – $2.50, they’re nearly all gone already after making french fries over the weekend and roasting some with sausage.
  • Turkey sausage – On sale for $2.99

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