Tasty Tuesday – Stuffed Shells

I love filled pasta. Whether it’s ravioli, manicotti, shells or even just lasagna (I’m itching to try lasagna rolls that I see all over Pinterest), there’s nothing better than sauce-covered pasta that explodes with flavor when you bite into it.

After trying slow-cooker manicotti a while back, I thought I’d try one of the stuffed shell recipes I’ve been saving for a while. It requires a bit more work than just tossing some sauce on top of noodles, but I thought it would be fun.

First, cook the pasta. Then, combine the cheeses! I didn’t have nearly as many as the recipe called for, so it’s just a general blend of mozzarella that I normally have on hand, and ricotta that I had from last week’s lasagna. Stir them together with a blend of spices.

Then, drain and rinse your shells, and fill them with a spoon. That’s all there is to it. I blanked and didn’t take a picture of the filled shells before going into the oven. Cover with a jar of sauce and some more cheese.

The shells around the edges were a bit dry, but those covered by sauce were simply amazing. I would definitely make this again. But until then, I have a bunch of cooked shells that didn’t get used, any ideas on what to do with them? I also still have some ricotta left, I think I want to try some ricotta pancakes before it goes bad.

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