Thrifty Thursday – Stock Up!

The number one thing to do to save money in the kitchen is to stock up. If you can shop from your own shelves, it results in a lot less food waste and more money saved, both from not running to the store and not throwing food out.

I found some great deals this week and my cupboards are full to bursting.

  • Saltines – I eat these when I have an upset stomach or just with some peanut butter. They were on sale for Buy 1 Get 1, so we paid $3.29 for two boxes.
  • Air fresheners – I imagine I could make some myself for cheap, but until then, $1 each isn’t bad.
  • English muffins – Buy 1 Get 1 is always a good deal.
  • Bread – It was 2/$5 so $2.50 for a loaf isn’t bad.
  • Tissues – One box for $1.
  • Chickpeas – Cans are almost always $1 at regular price.
  • Pasta sauce – Also something I could make, but $1 for a jar is a decent deal.
  • Diced tomatoes – I already had a couple of cans from our last trip to Costco, but on sale for $0.88 so I picked up an extra one.
  • Vitamins – I love when these are on sale because they’re so expensive. I bought a bottle of Biotin and got some vitamin D gummies for free.
  • Orange juice – On sale for $0.30 off
  • A new kind of yogurt – They were on sale for $1 each already and then I had a coupon that took another $0.50 off one.
  • Frozen ravioli – I really really want to learn to make my own pasta. But for now, they were $2.50 each and Buy 1 Get 1.
  • Shrimp – Wasn’t even on my list, but it was $5, so that’s a few bucks saved off another week’s dinners.
  • Bell peppers – Red and green peppers were both $0.99 per pound, so I grabbed two of each.
  • Sausage – On sale for $3

We saved $30 on this trip.

We also went to Costco this week.

  • Four pounds of ground turkey – $17.00, at the store it can be up to $5 a pound when not on sale
  • Chicken thighs – $0.99 per pound, beating the grocery store except when they run $0.88 per pound sales
  • A gallon of whole pickles – $4
  • Salt and pepper grinders – I’ve been wanting these for a while but I can’t justify $10 each. Pepper was $5.69 and salt was $3.49 for large full grinders

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